Fish pictures and identification information
for hundreds of fish species caught or observed in Mexico

Most of the hundreds of fish species listed on this page were photographed by anglers with an interest in identifying what they have caught or observed somewhere in Mexican waters. While some of these photos may be of less than "magazine cover" quality, they make up for their lack of professionalism by their spontaneity and their many variations that show what these fish really look like when they come out of the water. Does a dorado have bars down its sides? Well, usually not, but very rarely, yes, and the photos on these pages often show that kind of useful information.

Your Mexico fish photos and fish species information are always very welcome here at If you have taken an unusual, interesting or especially attractive fish picture—especially of a fish species not listed here—we invite you to submit it for addition to this ever-growing fish identification resource.

(In the spirit of helping tourist anglers identify the things they observe in their Mexico travels, our Flora and Fauna page provides the same kind of photos and species identification for a motley collection of birds, corals and sea fans, crabs, crustaceans, mammals, sea stars, shells, squids and octopi, urchins and sea cucumbers, and other creatures that may be observed during your trips of Mexican coastal areas.)

Also, if you are having trouble identifying a fish that you have caught in Mexico, you may submit it's photo here, and we'll try to find out what it is. We sincerely hope that this continuing work-in-progress will help you to become a more thoughtful and enthusiastic sport angler, and one that will help to promote marine conservation everywhere.


This page has become quite long, with hundreds of links to fish species listed by their English, Spanish, and scientific names, often including alternates when appropriate.

Common English flora and fauna names are linked in blue to their respective photo and species information pages.

Spanish names as used in Mexico, or in some cases, literal translations of the English where no Spanish name is known, are shown in green.

Scientific (Latin), names are shown in red italic.

The best way to find the fish you are looking for on this page is the use the "Find" command of your page browser to search for any variation of a fish's many names.


Very rarely is any fish known by only a single name. There are inevitable local and regional variations, and for our purposes, two languages to sort out, each with its own peculiarities. For example, the prized gamefish "Dorado, Dolphinfish, Mahi-Mahi, Dorado, Coryphaena hippurus" is always called a "dorado" in Mexico, but in the U.S. it is usually referred to as a "dolphin," "dolphinfish," or "mahi-mahi."

In some cases even the "experts," i.e. marine biologists, sometimes can't agree on what a fish should be called, and sometimes that even includes a fish's scientific name. In fact, there are really too many names and variations to keep track of. So, for the purposes of this index, we have done our very best to call a fish by its most common and generally accepted names, and we have include alternates when it seems appropriate and useful.


Do you have a photo of an unknown or new fish species not listed on this page, or an otherwise especially interesting or attractive photo of a fish caught in Mexican waters? If you would like to submit it your photos for this section, please see instructions here! Thank you and muchas gracias! --Dr. John T. Snow, Ph.D., Fish Photo I.D. Coordinator.


The weights of most game fish species can be estimated with rough accuracy simply by measuring their length, usually their "fork length" which is measured from the tip of the nose to the shortest point in the "V" of the tail. Found on this page are some handy length vs. weight charts which have been created by John Snow. Species included are: Amberjack, Dorado or Mahi-Mahi, Scalloped Hammerhead Shark, Jack Crevalle, Pacific Sailfish, Wahoo, and Yellowfin tuna. Fish Lengths vs. Weights.


Many of the photos on these pages were originally submitted to this website for our weekly sportfishing report covering Mexico's major angler's vacations destinations. To see archives of this weekly, on-the-spot sportfishing report and pictures of fish species caught and photographed by anglers all over Mexico click here for back issues of "Mexico Fishing News."


The following pages contain information and photo page listings for some of the larger family groups of fish species found in Mexican waters:

Anchovy Family (Engraulidae).
Barracuda Family (Sphyraenidae).
Bass and Grouper Family (Serranidae).
Billfish Family (Istiopherinae).
Bonefish Family (Albulidae).
Croaker or Drum Family (Sciaenidae).
Damselfish Family (Pomacentridae).
Flounder and Sanddab Family (Paralichthyidae).
Grunt Family (Haemulidae.)
Halfbeak Family (Hemiramphidae).
Herring Family (Clupeidae).
Jack Family (Carangidae).
Lizardfish Family (Synodontidae).
Mojarra Family (Gerreidae).
Moray Eel Family (Muraenidae).
Needlefish Family (Belonidae).
Pufferfish Family (Tetraodontidae).
Ray Family (Myliobatiformes).
Sand Perch Family (Diplectrum).
Scorpionfish and Rockfish Family (Scorpaenidae).
Sea Chub, Nibbler, and Halfmoon Family (Kyphosidae).
Snapper Family (Lutjanidea).
Triggerfish Family (Balistidae).
Tuna, Bonito, and Mackerel Family (Scombridae).
Wrasse Family (Labridae).


African Pompano, Flechudo, Alectis ciliaris.
Albacore, Albacore Tuna, Longfin Tuna, Atún Blanco, Albacora, Atún de Aleta Larga, Thunnus alalunga.
Amberjack, Pacific Amberjack, Almaco Jack, Almaco Amberjack, Pez Fuerte, Seriola rivoliana.
Amberstripe Scad, Mexican Scad, Macarela Plátano, Decapterus muroadsi.
Angel Blenny, Angel Tube Blenny, Tubícola Ángel, Coralliozetus angelicus.
Argus Moray Eel, White Spotted Moray Eel, Morena Argos, Muraena argus.
Atlantic Porkfish, Porkfish, Burro Payaso, Anisotremus virginicus.
Azure Parrotfish, Loro Chato, Azul Perico, Scarus compressus.
Baja Potfish, Baha Potfish, Haha Potfish.
Balloonfish, Barred Porcupinefish, Pez Erizo, Diodon holocanthus.
Ballyhoo, Ballyhoo Halfbeak, Agujeta Brasilena, Hemiramphus brasiliensis.
Banded Guitarfish, Guitarra Rayada, Zapteryx exasperata.
Banded Tonguefish, Lengua Listada, Symphurus fasciolaris.
Banded Wrasse, Senorita de Cintas, Halichoeres notospilus.
Bandfin Scorpionfish, Player Scorpionfish, Lapón Diablo, Rascacio Jugador, Scorpaena histrio.
Baqueta, Gulf Coney, Rooster Hind, Baqueta, Estacol, Hyporthodus acanthistius.
Barberfish, Blacknose Butterflyfish, Mariposa Barbero, Johnrandallia nigriorostris.
Barnaclebill Blenny, Borracho Vacilón, Hypsoblennius brevipinnis.
Barred Pargo, Mexican Barred Pargo, Mexican Barred Snapper, Coconaco, Hoplopagrus guentheri.
Barred Sand Bass, Sand Bass, Cabrilla de Arena, Cabrilla de Roca, Paralabrax nebulifer.
Barred Serrano, Guaseta Serrano, Serranus psittacinus.
Barred Surfperch, Mojarra de Bandas, Amphistichus argenteus.
Basketweave Cusk Eel, Congriperla Canastera, Ophidion scrippsae.
Bat Ray, California Bat Ray, Eagle Bat Ray, Tecolote de California, Myliobatis californica.
Beach Flounder, Lenguado Playero, Syacium latifrons.
Beaubrummel Major, Castaneta Azul Dorado, Pez de Dos Colores, Stegastes flavilatus.
Beautyfin Flyingfish, Volador Bonito, Cypselurus callopterus.
Bigeye Croaker, Vacuoqua Croaker, Large-Eye Drum, Corvinata Ojona, Corvula macrops.
Bigeye Jack, Bigeye Trevally, Bigeye Crevalle Jack, Jurel Ojogordo, Caranx sexfasciatus.
Bigeye Tuna, Bigeye, Atún de Ojo Grande, Atún Patulo, Thunnus obesus.
Bighead Sand Perch, Wide Spur Sand Perch, Camatillo Espinudo, Diplectrum euryplectrum.
Bigmouth Sole, Lenguado Bocón, Hippoglossina stomata.
Bigscale Goatfish, “Red” Goatfish, Chivo Escamundo, Pseudupeneus grandisquamis.
Black Axillary Mojarra, Mojarra Malacapa, Eugerres axillaris.
Blackblotch Pompano, Silver Pompano, Pámpano Gitano, Trachinotus kennedyi.
Black Croaker, Chinese Croaker, Roncador Negro, Cheilotrema saturnum.
Blackfin Snook, Robalo Aleta Prieta, Centropomus medius.
Blackgill Rockfish, Deepsea Rockfish, Rocote Agalla Negra, Sebastes melanostomus.
Blacklip Dragonet, Dragoncillo de Asta, Synchiropus atrilabiatus.
Black Marlin, Marlin Negro, Makaira indica.
Black Sea Bass, Giant Sea Bass, Mero, Mero, Lubina Gigante, Stereolepis gigas.
Black Skipjack, Mexican Little Tunny, Barrilete, Bonito, Barrilete Negro, Euthynnus lineatus.
Black Snook, Robalo, Robalo Prieto, Centropomus nigrescens.
Blackspot Wrasse, Viejita Manchada, Decodon melasma.
Blacktip Shark, Tiburón Macuira, Carcharhinus limbatus.
Blacktail Snailfish, Blacktailed Liparid, Baboso Colinegra, Careproctus melanurus.
Blackwing Flyingfish
, Volador Ala Negra, Hirundichthys rondeletii.
Bleeding Wrasse, Viejita Sangrado, Polylepion cruentum.
Blue and Gold Snapper, Blue-Gold Snapper, Pargo Rayado, Lutjanus viridis.
Blue Barred Parrotfish, Blue Chin Parrotfish, Loro Barbazul, Perrico, Scarus ghobban.
Blue Bobo, Beardfish, Raton, Bobo Blanco, Barbudo de Seis Barbas, Polydactylus approximans.
Bluefin Trevally, Bluefin Crevalle Jack, Bluestar Jack, Jurel Azul, Caranx melampygus.
Bluefin Tuna, Bluefin, Giant Tuna, Atún de Aleta Azul, Aleta Azul, Thunnus thynnus.
Bluefish, Anjova, Pomatomus saltatrix.
Bluegill, Bream, Brim, Perch, Sunfish, Mojarra Oreja Azul, Lepomis macrochirus.
Blue Marlin, Pacific Blue Marlin, Indo-Pacific Blue Marlin, Marlin Azul, Makaira mazara.
Blue Rockfish, Rocote Azul, Sebastes mystinus.
Blue Runner, Hard Tail Jack, Runner, Cojinuda Negra, Caranx crysos.
Blue Shark, Tiburón Azul, Tilmón Azul, Prionace glauca.
Bluestriped Chub (formerly Rainbow Sea Chub), Chopa salema, Sectator ocyurus.
Blue Tilapia, Tilapia Azul, Oerochromis aurea.
Blunthead Triggerfish, Stone Triggerfish, Cochito Bota, Pseudobalistes naufragium.
Bluntnose Sixgill Shark, Tiburón de Seis Branquias, Hexanchus griseus.
Bridled Sand Perch, Barsnout Sand Perch, Serrano Frenado, Diplectrum rostrum.
Brighteyed Cusk Eel, Congriperla Arcoiris, Ophidion iris.
Broadbill Swordfish, Swordfish, Pez Espada, Xiphias gladius.
Broomtail Grouper, Broomtail, Garropa jasplada, Mycteroperca xenarcha.
Brown Cat Shark, Pejegato Marrón, Apristurus brunneus.
Brown Smoothhound Shark, Cazón Hilacho, Mustelus henlei.
Bullet Tuna, Bullet Mackerel, Bolito, Barrilete Melvera, Auxis rochei.
Bullseye Electric Ray, Ocellated Electric Ray, Raya Eléctrica Diana, Diplobatis ommata.
Bullseye Puffer, Concentric Puffer, Botete Diana, Sphoeroides annulatus.
Bumphead Damselfish, Jaqueta Vistosa, Microspathodon bairdii.
Bumphead Parrotfish, Loro Jorobado, Perrico, Scarus perrico.
Burrito Grunt, Raidito, Roncador, Anisotremus interruptus.
Butterfly Flyingfish, Volador Ala Navaja, Cheilopogon papilio.
Caballito, Goggle Eye, Bigeye Scad, Selar, Caballito, Selar crumenophthalmus.
Cabezon, Blue Cod, Giant Marbled Sculpin, Garrobo Cadena, Lagarto Cadena, Scorpaenichthys marmaratus.
Calico Bass or Kelp Bass, Cabrilla Alguera, Cabrilla Sargacera, Paralabrax clathratus.
California Butterfly Ray, Short Snout Ray, Raya Mariposa de California, Gymnura marmorata.
California Conger Eel, Congrio blanco, Paraconger californiensis.
California Corbina, California King Croaker, California Whiting, Lambe Berrugato, Menticirrhus undulatus.
California Halibut, California Flounder, Lenguado de California, Paralichtys californicus.
California Lizardfish, Snakefish, Chile, Lagarto, Synodus lucioceps.
California Moray Eel, Morena de California, Gymnothorax mordax.
California Opaleye, Ojo Azul, Girella nigricans.
California Salema, Ojatón, Xenistius californiensis.
California Scorpionfish, Spotted Scorpionfish, Sculpin, Lapón, Scorpaena guttata.
California Sheephead, Vieja, Vieja de California, Semicossyphus pulcher.
California Smoothtongue, Southern Smoothtongue, Lengua Suave, Leuroglossus stilbius.
Cape Razorfish, Gulf Razorfish, Cuchillo Llorón, Xyrichtys mundiceps.
Chameleon Wrasse, Vieja Camaléon, Halichoeres dispiles.
Chocolate Tonguefish, Lengua Chocolate, Symphurus callopterus.
Canary Rockfish, Rocote Canario, Sebastes pinniger.
Channel Catfish, Bagre de Canal, Ictalurus punctatus.
Channel Scabbardfish, Tajali de Canal, Evoxymetopon taeniatus.
Chevron Searobin, Vaca Angelita, Bellator loxias.
Chihuil, Pacific Jack Mackerel, California Horse Mackerel, Chihuil, Jurel, Trachurus symmetricus.
Chili Sea Catfish, Cuminate Chilhuil, Notarius troschelii.
Chinook Salmon, King Salmon, Red Salmon, Salmón Real, Oncorhynchus tshawytscha.
Choelo Halfbeak, Pajarito Cholo, Hyporhamphus gilli.
Circlefish, Pescado Loco, Circlus vanbreeus.
Clipperton Grouper, Mero de Clipperton, Epinephelus clippertonensis.
Clown Hawkfish, Giant Hawkfish, Chino Mero, Chino Mero, Cirrhitus rivulatus.
Cocinero Jack, Striped Jack, Jurel Rayado, Caranx vinctus.
Colorado Snapper, Pargo Colorado, Lutjanus colorado.
Cominate Sea Catfish, Barge Cominate, Occidentarius platypogon.
Common Carp, Carpa, Cyprinus carpio.
Concentric Stingray, Concentric Round Ray, Raya Redonda Concéntrica, Urobatis concentricus.
Coney, Golden Coney, Cabrilla Roja, Cephalopholis fulva.
Copper Rockfish, Whitebelly Rockfish, Yellowback Rockfish, Rocot, Sebastes caurinus.
Coral Hawkfish, Halcón de Coral, Cirrhitus oxycephalus.
Cortez Angelfish, Angel de Cortes, Pomacanthus zonipectus.
Cortez Barracuda, Lucas’ Barracuda, Barracuda de Cortés, Sphyraena lucasana.
Cortez Chub, Cortez Sea Chubc, Chopa de Cortez, Kyphosus elegans.
Cortez Croaker, Wintersteen’s Drum, Berrugata de Cortéz, Verrugato de Wintersteen, Umbrina wintersteeni.
Cortez Damselfish, Jaquenta de Cortés, Stegastes rectifraenum.
Cortez Grunt, Yellow-Spotted Grunt, Burro de Cortez, Haemulon flaviguttatum.
Cortez Halibut, Cortez Flounder, Lenguado de Cortés, Paralichtys aestuarius.
Cortez Rainbow Wrasse, Senorita Arco Iris, Viejita, Thalassoma lucasanum.
Cortez Round Ray, Spotted Round Ray, Raya Redonda Manchada, Urobatis maculatus.
Cortez Soapfish, Mottled Soapfish, Jabonero Moteado, Rypticus bicolor.
Cow Cod, Cow Rockfish, Pacific Red Snapper, Oregon Red Snapper, Rocote Vaquilla, Sebastes levis.
Crested Bigscale, Aletudo Crestada, Poromitra crassiceps.
Crevalle Jack, Jack Crevalle, Jurel Comun, Cavalla, Cocinero, Toro, Caranx hippos.
Darkedge Midshipman, Sapo de Luto, Porichthys analis.
Deepbody Thread Herring, Pacific Thread Herring, Sardina Crinudo, Opisthonema libertate.
Deepwater Serrano, Serrano De Aqua Profunda, Serrano Manchado, Serranus aequidens.
Diamond Stingray, Shorttail Stingray, Whiptail Stingray, Raya Látigo Diamante, Dasyatis dipterura.
Diogenes Lanternfish, Linternilla de Diogenes, Diogenichthys laternatus.
Dog Snapper, Pacific Dog Snapper, Pacific Cubera Snapper, Pargo Perro, Lutjanus novemfasciatus.
Dorado, Dolphinfish, Mahi-Mahi, Dorado, Coryphaena hippurus.
Dwarf Surfperch, Dwarf Perch, Mojarra Enana, Micrometrus minimus.
Eastern Pacific Bonefish, Zorro del Pacifico Oriental, Macabi del Pacifico Oriental, Albula esuncula.
Eastern Pacific Codlet, Bacalete del Pacifico Oriental, Merlucita del Pacific Oriental, Bregmaceros bathymaster.
Eastern Pacific Flagfin, Lagarto del Pacifico, Aulopus bajacali.
Eastern Pacific Black Ghostshark, “Black” Ratfish, Quimera, Hydrolagus melanophasma sp. nov.
Emerald Wrasse, Vieja Esmeralda, Thalassoma virens.
Equatorial Skate, Witch Skate, Raya Ecuatorial, Raja equatorialis.
Escolar, Escolar, Lepidocybium flavobrunneum.
Fantail Sole, Fantail Flounder, Lenguado Cola de Abanico, Xystreurys liolepis.
Finescale Triggerfish, Triggerfish, Blanco, Cochi, Balistes polylepis.
Finespotted Jawfish, Bocón Punteado, Opistognathus punctatus.
Fishgod Blenny, Trambollo Dorado, Malacoctenus ebisui.
Flag Cabrilla, Starry Grouper, Cabrilla Piedrera, Epinephelus labriformis.
Flag Rockfish, Rocote Bandera, Sebastes rebrivinctus.
Flag Serrano, Serrano Bandera, Serranus huascarii.
Flat Needlefish, Barred Needlefish, Agujón Sable, Ablennes hians.
Fore-Spotted Brotula, Lengua Pintada, Brotula ordwayi.
Fortune Jack, Peruvian Jack, Darkfin Jack, Hojarán Fortuna, Seriola peruana.
Four-Eye Flounder, Four-Spot Flounder, Lenguado Cuatrojos, Hippoglossina tetrophthalma.
Frigate Tuna, Frigate Mackerel, Bolito, Barrilete Fragata, Barrilete Melva, Auxis thazard.
Fringed Flounder, Lenguado Ribete, Etropus crossotus.
Gafftopsail Pompano, Pampanito, Trachinotus rhodopus.
Giant Damselfish, Castanuela, Jaqueta Gigante, Microspathodon dorsalis.
Giant Electric Ray, Cortez Electric Ray, Raya Eléctrica Gigante, Narcine entemedor.
Giant Great White Shark (Extinct), Tiburon Blanco Gigante, Carcharocles chubutensis.
Giant Jawfish, Bigmouth Bastard, Bocón Grande, Opistognathus rhomaleus.
Giant Kelpfish, Sagacero Gigante, Heterostichus rostratus.
Giant Mexican Needlefish, Crocodile Needlefish, Agujón Lisero, Tylosurus crocodiles fodiator.
Giant Sand Stargazer, Miraestrella de Arena Gigante, Miracielo de Arena Gigante, Dactylagnus mundas.
Giant Squid, Humboldt Squid, Giant Humboldt Squid, Calamar Gigante, Rojo Diablo, Dosidicus gigas.
Glasseye Snapper, Catalufa Roquera, Heteropriacanthus cruentatus.
Golden Eye Grunt, Grey Grunt, Mojarra Grunt, Roncador Pecoso, Ronco Bacoco, Haemulon scudderii.
Golden Jack, Golden Trevally, Palometa Amarilla, Jurel Dorado, Gnathanodon speciosus.
Golden Snapper, Pargo Rabirubia, Lutjanus inermis.
Goldspotted Bass, Goldspotted Sandbass, Cabrilla Mancha Amarilla, Paralabrax auroguttatus.
Gopher Rockfish, Rocote Amarillo, Sebastes carnatus.
Graceful Mojarra, Slender Mojarra, Palmito Fino, Eucinostomus californiensis, Eucinostomus gracilis.
Gray Smoothhound Shark, Cazón Mamón, Mustelus californicus.
Greater Sand Perch, Torpedo Sand Perch, Serrano de Altura, Diplectrum maximum.
Great White Shark, Tiburon Blanco, Carcharodon carcharias.
Green Blenny, Trambollo Verde, Trambollo Listado, Labrisomus striatus.
Greenblotched Rockfish, Rocote Motas Verdes, Sebastes rosenblatti.
Green Jack, Cocinero, Baracuta, Cocinero Dorado, Carangoides caballus.
Greenspotted Rockfish, Rocote Verde, Sebastes chlorostictus.
Greenstriped Rockfish, Rocote Reina, Sebastes elongatus.
Greybar Grunt, Burro, Mojarra Almejera, Haemulon sexfasciatum.
Guineafowl Puffer, Spotted Puffer, Botete Negro, Botete Dorado, Arothron meleagris.
Gulf Butterfish, Palometa del Golfo, Peprilus burti.
Gulf Grouper, Garropa del Golfo, Mero Baya, Mycteroperca jordani.
Gulf Grunion, Pejerrey Sardina, Leuresthes sardina.
Gulf Opaleye, Ojo Azul, Girella simplicidens.
Gulf Sand Dab, Lenguado del Gulfo, Citharichthys fragilis.
Gulf Sierra, Monterey Spanish Mackerel, Carite de Monterey, Carite Sierra, Scomberomorus concolor.
Gulf Weakfish, Corvina del Golfo, Cynoscion othonopterus.
Halfbanded Rockfish, Rocote Inspector, Sebastes semicinctus.
Hardtail Moray Eel, Minute Moray Eel, Morena Cola Dura, Anarchias galapagensis.
High-fin Sand Perch, Camotillo Espinoso, Menta Espinoso, Diplectrum labarum.
Hogfish, Hog Snapper, Doncella de Pluma, Aqueton Blanca, Pargo Gallo, Lachnolaimus maximus.
Hookthroat Bass, Damsel Bass, Damsel Thread-Fin Bass, Antena, Cabrilla Doncella, Hemanthias signifer.
Horn Shark, Pacific Horn Shark, Tiburón Puerco, Heterodontus francisci.
Hubbs Tilefish, Blanquillo de Hubbs, Caulolatilus hubbsi.
Humpback Grunt, Burrito Corcovado, Orthopristis chalceus.
Iguana Lizardfish, Sechura Lizardfish, Chile Iguana, Garrobo Iguana; Lagarto Iguana, Synodus sechurae.
Island Jack, Island Trevally, Jurel Isleno, Carangoides orthogamus.
Jacksmelt, Jack Smelt, Pejerrey, Gruñon, Atherinopsis californiensis.
Jewel Moray Eel, Morena Joya, Morena Pinta, Muraena lentiginosa.
Jewfish, Goliath Grouper, Itajara Grouper, Cherna, Mero Guasa, Epinephelus itajara.
Keel-Jawed Needlefish, Agujón Needlefish, Agujón, Marao Isleno, Tylosurus acus melanotus.
Keeltail Needlefish, Baja California Keeltail Needlefish, Agujón de Quilla, Platybelone argalus pterura.
King Angelfish, Angel Rey, Holacanthus passer.
King Mackerel, Sierra, Carito, Peto, Scomberomorus cavalla.
King-of-the-Salmon, Rey de los Salmones, Trachipterus altivelis.
Ladyfish, Pacific Ladyfish, Sábalo, Machete, Elops affinis.
Lamp Fish, Panama Lanternfish, Pez Linterna, Sardina Luminosa, Benthosema panamense.
Lance Lizardfish, Shorthead Lizardfish, Chile Arpón, Synodus scituliceps.
Lane Snapper, Pargo Biajaiba, Lutjanus synagris.
Largehead Moray Eel, Morena Cabezona, Uropterygius macrocephalus.
Largemouth Bass, Huro, Lobina Negra, Micropterus salmoides.
Largemouth Blenny, Chalapo, Labrisomus xanti.
Latin Grunt, Chere-Chere Grunt, Burro Latino, Roncador Fríjol, Haemulon steindachneri.
Leatherjack, Piña Sietecueros, Oligoplites saurus.
Leopard Cusk Eel, Congriperla Leopardo, Lepophidium pardale.
Leopard Grouper, Cabrilla, Golden Grouper, Golden Cabrilla, Sardinera, Reina, Mycteroperca rosacea.
Leopard Shark, Leopard Houndshark, Tollo Leopardo, Triakis semifasciata.
Lingcod, Bacalao, Ophiodon elongatus.
Liseta Mullet, Mullet Leséte, Lisa, Mugil setosus.
Long-Barbeled Sea Catfish, Red Catfish, Bagre Barbón, Bagre pinnimaculatus.
Longfin Croaker, Longfin Drum, Polla Aleta Larga, Verrugato Aleta Larga, Umbrina dorsalis.
Longfin Halfbeak, Jumping Halfbeak, Agujeta Pajarito, Saltador Pajarito, Hemiramphus saltador.
Longfinned Bigeye, Longfinned Bulleye, Catalufa Aleta Larga, Cookeolus japonicus.
Longfin Salema, Bigeye Salema, Salema Ojona, Chula Ojona, Roncador Ojón, Xenichythys xanti.
Longfin Sanddab, Lenguardo Alón, Citharichthys xanthostigma.
Longfin Silverside, Pejerrey Plateado, Atherinella eriarcha.
Longjaw Leatherjack, Bigjaw Leatherjack, Cuero Amarillo, Aapatero Sierrita, Oligoplites altus.
Longnose Eagle Ray, Aguila Picuda, Myliobatis longirostris.
Longnose Puffer, Longnose Pufferfish, (no known Spanish name), Sphoeroides lobatus.
Longspine Croaker, Longspine Drum, Berrugata Espinuda, Umbrina analis.
Longspine Hatchetfish, Diaphanous Hatchetfish, Pez Hacha, Sternoptyx diaphana.
Longtail Stingray, Raya Látigo Largo, Dasyatis longus.
Loosetooth Parrotfish, Pococho Beriquete, Nicholsina denticulata.
Louvar, Emperador, Luvarus imperialis.
Lumptail Searobin, Blackfin Searobin, Vaca Voladora, Prionotus stephanophrys.
Mackerel Scad, Macarela Caballa, Decapterus macarellus.
Mako Shark, Shortfin Mako Shark, Tiburón Mako, Marrajo Dientudo, Isurus oxyrinchus.
Manta Ray, Giant Manta, Mantararaya, Manta Voladora, Manta birostris.
Marlin Remora, Marlin Sucker, Rémora Marlinera, Rémora Marlina, Rémora, Remora osteochir.
Medusafish, Cojinoba Medusa, Icichthys lockingtoni.
Megamouth Shark, Tiburón Bocón, Gran Tiburón Bocagrande, Megachasma pelagios.
Mexican Barracuda, Barracuda, Barracuda Mejicana, Sphyraena ensis.
Mexican Blenny, Trambollo Mexicano, Paraclinus mexicanus.
Mexican Bonito, Striped Bonito, Bonito, Bonita, Bonito, Bonito Mono, Sarda orientalis.
Mexican Goatfish, Salmonete Barbón, Mulloidichthys dentatus.
Mexican Hogfish, Vieja, Vieja Mexicana, Vieja de Piedra, Bodianus diplotaenia.
Mexican Lampfish, Linterna Mexicana, Triphoturus mexicanus.
Mexican Lookdown, Jorobado Antena, Selene brevoortii.
Mexican Night Sergeant, Pintano, Chopa, Abudefduf declivifrons.
Mexican Rockfish, Rocote Mexicano, Sebastes macdonaldi.
Mexican Sand Perch, Serrano Mexicano, Camatillo Rayada, Diplectrum macropoma.
Mexican Snook, Robalo Prieto, Robalo Mejicano, Centropomus poeyi.
Middling Thread Herring, Sardina Crinudo Machete, Opisthonema medirastre.
Milkfish, Sábolote, Chano, Chanos chanos.
Mimetic Midshipman, Mimic Midshipman, Sapo Mimético, Porichthys mimeticus.
Mirror Carp, Carpa, Cyprinus carpio carpio.
Moorish Idol, Idolo Moro, Zancus cornutus.
Mozambique Tilapia, Tilapia del Mozambique, Oerochromis mossambicus.
Mullet Snapper, Pargo de raizero, Lutjanus aratus.
Mystery Species Page, Unidentified Fish, Flora, and Fauna.
Nakedbelly Searobin, Vaca Enana, Bellator gymnostethus.
Narrowhead Flyingfish, Volador Isleño, Cypselurus angusticeps.
Needletail Conger Eel, Big Nose Conger, Congrio Estilete, Rhynchoconger nitens.
Nile Tilapia, St. Peter’s Fish, Aquatic Chicken, Tilapia del Nilo, Oreochromis niloticus.
Northern Anchovy, California Anchovy, Anchoa de California, Engraulis mordax.
Northern Grouper, Olive Grouper, Mero Norteño, Mero Gallina, Cephalopholis acanthistius.
Notchfin Blenny, Rock Blenny, Borracho Aleta Mocha, Entomacrodus chiostictus.
Nurse Shark, Gata Nodriza, Ginglymostoma cirratum.
Oarfish, Ribbonfish, King of Herrings, Pez Remo, Regalecus glesne.
Oceanic Puffer, Botete Oceánico, Lagocephalus lagocephalus.
Ocean Sunfish, Mola Mola, Pez Sol Oceánico, Mola mola.
Ocean Whitefish, Ocean Tilefish, Blanquillo, Pez Pierna, Caulolatilus princeps.
Olive Rockfish, Johnny Bass, Bulera Bass, Rocote Falsa Cabrilla, Sebastes serranoides.
Opah, Moonfish, Jerusalem Haddock, Epromar, Lampris gutatus.
Orangemouth Corvina, Orangemouth Weakfish, Corvinata Totoaba, Cynoscion xanthulus.
Orangeside Triggerfish, Filescale Triggerfish, Taxi, Cochino, Sufflamen verres.
Oval Chromis, Oval Damselfish, Silverstripe Chromis, Castanuela Gorda, Chromis alta.
Oval Flounder, Lenguado Ovalado, Syacium ovale.
Pacific Anchovetta, Anchovetta Bocona, Cetengraulis mysticetus.
Pacific Angel Shark, Angelote del Pacifico, Squatina californica.
Pacific Bonito, Bonito del Pacifico Oriental, Sarda chilensis.
Pacific Argentine, Argentina del Pacifico, Argentina sialis.
Pacific Barracuda, California Barracuda, Picuda Barracuda, Barracuda Plateada, Sphyraena argentea.
Pacific Bearded Brotula, Red Bearded Cusk Eel, Lengua Rosada, Brotula clarkae.
Pacific Bumperfish, Horqueta del Pacifico, Chloroscombrus orqueta.
Pacific Cornetfish, Deepwater Cornetfish, Corneta Flautera, Pez Corneta, Fistularia corneta.
Pacific Cownose Ray, Golden Cownose Ray, Hawk Ray, Chucho Dorado, Rhinoptera steindachneri.
Pacific Creole Fish, Ticaretta, Sandia, Indio, Cephalopholis colonus.
Pacific Cutlassfish, Ribbonfish, Hairtail, Pez Cinta, Pez Sable, Trichiurus nitens.
Pacific Drum, Pacific Croaker, Boquinete del Pacifico, Larimus pacificus.
Pacific Electric Ray, Torpedo del Pacifico, Raya Electrica, Torpedo californica.
Pacific Fanfish, Abanico del Pacifico, Mancilla Abanico Pez, Pteraclis aesticola.
Pacific Fat Sleeper, Guavivia, Pulleeqa, Pocoyo, Dorminator latifrons.
Pacific Flagfin Mojarra, Flagfin Mojarra, Palmito Bandera, Mojarra Bandera, Eucinostomus currani.
Pacific Golden-Eyed Tilefish, Blanquillo, Caulolatilus affinis.
Pacific Hake, Merluzza Norteña, Merluccius productus.
Pacific Harvestfish, Long-Finned Butterfish, Palometa, Peprilus medus.
Pacific Hatchetfish, Slender Hatchetfish, Pez Hacha Laminado, Argyropelecus affinis.
Pacific Jack Crevalle, Toro, Torito, Caranx caninus.
Pacific Leopard Flounder, Lenguado Leopardo del Pacifico, Bothus leopardinus.
Pacific Mackerel, Chub Mackerel, Macarela, Estomino, Scomber japonicus.
Pacific Moonfish, Jorobado Papelillo, Selene peruviana.
Pacific Mutton Hamlet, Mutton Hamlet, Guaseta del Pacifico, Alphestes immaculatus.
Pacific Needlefish, Pacific Agujón Needlefish, Bigeye Needlefish, Marao Ojón, Tylosurus pacificus.
Pacific Pompano, Pacific Butterfish, Palometa Plateada, Peprilus simillimus.
Pacific Sanddab, Lenguado Moteado, Citharichthys sordidus.
Pacific Sand Perch, Inshore Sand Perch, Serrano Cabaicucho, Menta del Pacifico, Diplectrum pacificium.
Pacific Seahorse, Caballo de Mar, Hippocampus ingens.
Pacific Sharpchin Flyingfish, Volador Picudo, Fodiator acutus, Fodiator rostatus.
Pacific Sharpnose Shark, Cazón Bironche, Rhizoprionodon longurio.
Pacific Silverstripe Halfbeak, Naos Halfbeak, Pajarito Blanco Del Pacífico, Hyporhamphus naos.
Pacific Sleeper, Dormilón Manchado, Gobiomorus maculates.
Pacific Snake Eel, Tieso de Pacifico, Tieso Moteado, Ophicthus triserialis.
Pacific Spadefish, Chambo, Paguala Peluquera, Pollera Rayada, Chaetodipterus zonatus.
Pacific Spotfin Mojarra, Palmito Plateado, Mojarra Plateado, Eucinostomus dowii.
Pacific Spotted Scorpionfish, Stone Scorpionfish, "Sculpin,", Lapón, Scorpaena mystes.
Pacific Staghorn Sculpin, Cabezon, Charrasco de Astas, Leptocottus armatus.
Pacific Stargazer, Miraestrella Perro, Miracielo Tranquilo, Astroscopus zephyreus.
Pacific Tripletail, Roncador Plateado, Berrugate, Dormilona, Lobotes pacificus.
Palenose Moray Eel, Freckled Face Moray Eel, Morena Pecosa, Echidna nocturna.
Paloma Pompano, Pámpano, Trachinotus paitensis.
Panama Hake, Merluzza Panameña, Merluccius angustimanus.
Panama Lightfish, Pez Portador de Luces, Vinciguerria lucetia.
Panamic Fanged Blenny, Horse Faced Blenny, Cachudito Mono, Ophioblennius steindachneri.
Panamic Flashlightfish, Gulf Flashlightfish, Pez-linterna Mejicana, Phthanophaneron harveyi.
Panamic Flounder, Southern Flounder, Lenguado Panámico, Cyclopsetta panamensis.
Panamic Frillfin, Mapo de Pozo, Mapo Panámico, Bathygobius ramosus.
Panamic Graysby, Pacific Graysby, Cherna, Enjambre, Ribera Cabrilla, Cephalopholis panamensis.
Panamic Green Moray Eel, Chestnut Moray Eel, Morena Castana, Gymnothorax castaneus.
Panamic Porkfish, Burro Bandera, Anisotremus taeniatus.
Panamic Sand Lance, Peón Panámico, Ammodytoides gilli.
Panamic Sergeant Major, Pintano, Chopa, Abudefduf troschelii.
Panamic Soldierfish, Crimson Soldierfish, Soldado Panámico, Myripristis leiognathos.
Panamic Stingray, Raya Redonda Panámica, Urotrygon aspidura.
Parrot Sand Bass, Parrot Rock Bass, Cabrilla Cachete Amarillo, Paralabrax loro.
Peacock Razorfish, Cuchillo Pavo Real, Iniistius pavo.
Pelagic Stingray, Blue Stringray, Raya Látigo Pelágica, Pteroplatytrygon violacea.
Pelagic Thresher Shark, Thintail Thresher Shark, Tiburón Zorro Común, Alopias vulpinus.
Pelican Barracuda, Barracuda Pelícano, Sphyraena idiastes.
Peruvian Flounder, Lenguado Zapatilla, Etropus peruvianus.
Peruvian Mojarra, Mojarra Aletas Amarillas, Diapterus brevirostris.
Peruvian Scorpionfish, Rascacio Párlamo, Scorpaena afuerae.
Pilotfish, Zebra Fish, Pez Piloto, Naucrates ductor.
Pink Cardinalfish, Cardenal Morro Listado, Apogon pacificus.
Pink Surf Perch, Pink Sea Perch, Mojarra Rosada, Zalembius rosaceus.
Pitcher Silverside, Plateadito Marino, Atherinella nepenthe.
Polla Drum, Golden Drum, Golden Croaker, Polla Rayada, Verrugato Polla, Umbrina xanti.
Pompano Dorado, Peanut Dorado, Dorado Enano, Coryphaena equiselis.
Popeye Catalufa, Catalufa Semáforo, Pristigenys serrula.
Porehead Blenny, Trambollo curiche, Trambollo Poroso, Labrisomomus multiporosus.
Porgy, Pacific Porgy, Pez de Pluma, Mojarrón, Calamus brachysomus.
Prickly Shark, Tiburón Espinozo Negro, Echinorhinus cookei.
Purple Surgeonfish, Yellowfin Surgeonfish, Cirujano Aleta Amarilla, Acanthurus xanthopterus.
Pygmy Devil Ray, Munk’s Mobula, Manta Chica, Mobula munkiana.
Queenfish, Queen Croaker, Corvineta Reina, Seriphus politus.
Rainbow Basslet, Rainbow Bass, Cabrilla Arcoris, Menta Arcoiris, Liopropoma fasciatum.
Rainbow Runner, Salmón, Elagatis bipinnulata.
Rasptail Skate, Witch Skate, Four-eyed Skate, Raya Chillona, Raja velezi.
Raucous Grunt, Plateado Roncodor, Ronco Chinilla, Ronco Ruco, Haemulopsis leuciscus.
Razor Surgeonfish, Razor Sawtail, Cochinito Barbero, Prionurus laticlavius.
Red Brotula, Brótula Roja, Brosmophycis marginata.
Red Scorpionfish, Rascacio Richichi, Pontinus furcirhinus.
Redside Blenny, Trambollo Rojo, Malacoctenus hubbsi.
Red Snapper, Pacific Red Snapper, Huachinango, Lutjanus peru.
Reef Cornetfish, Bluespotted Cornetfish, Pez Corneta, Fistularia commersonii.
Reef Lizardfish, Sauro Lizardfish, Calico Lizardfish, Chile, Lagarto de Arrecife, Synodus lacertinus.
Remora, Common Remora, Sailfish Sucker, Remora, Pega Pega, Remora remora.
Ribbon Halfbeak, Agujeta Alargada, Euleptorhamphus viridis.
River Goby, Reticulated Goby, Gobio de Río, Awaous banana, Awaous transandeanus.
Rivulated Mutton Hamlet, Many Spotted Mutton Hamlet, Guaseta Primienta, Alphestes multiguttatus.
Rockpool Blenny, Borracho de Poza, Hypsoblennium gilberti.
Rock Wrasse, Señorita Piedrera, Halichoeres semicinctus.
Roger’s Round Ray, Raya Redonda Roger’s, Raya Redonda Espinosa, Urotrygon rogersi.
Roosterfish, Pez Gallo, Nematistius pectoralis.
Rose Threadfin Bass, Splittail Bass, Antena, Cabrilla de Peru, Hemanthias peruanus.
Rosy Scorpionfish, Puñal Rosado, Pontinus Species A.
Roughjaw Frogfish, Roughbar Frogfish, Ranisapo Antenado, Antennarius avalonis.
Rough Searobin, Vaca Rasposa, Prionotus ruscarius.
Roundel Batfish, Spotted Batfish, Murciélago Biocelado, Zalieutes elater.
Round Herring, Red Eye Round Herring, Sardineta canalera, Etrumeus teres.
Round Stingray, Haller’s Round Ray, Raya de Espina, Urobatis halleri.
Sabertooth Blenny, Diente Sable, Borracho Veloz, Trambollito, Plagiotremus azaleus.
Saddle Midshipman, Sapo Ensillado, Porichthys ephippiatus.
Sailfish, Pacific Sailfish, Indo-Pacific Sailfish, Pez Vela, Istiophorus platypterus.
Sand Grunt, Ronco Burro, Roncador Gallinazo, Corocoro Carruco, Pomadasys branickii.
Sardina, Flatiron Herring, Pacific Flatiron Herring, Sardina, Harengula thrissina.
Sardine, California Pilchard, Sardina de California, Sardina de Perú, Sardinops sagax sagax.
Sargassumfish, Pez Sargazo, Histrio histrio.
Sargo, Xanthic Sargo, Sargo Rayado, Burro Piedrero, Anisotremus davidsonii.
Sanguine Frogfish, Ranisapo Sangrón, Antennarius sanguineus.
Sawtail Grouper, Garropa Aserrada, Mycteroperca prionura.
Scalloped Hammerhead Shark, Pez Martillo, Pez Cornuda, Sphyrna lewini.
Scalyfin Basslet, Cabrilla Aleta Escamosa, Liopropoma longilepis.
Scissortail Chromis, Castañeta Cola de Tijera, Chromis atrilobata.
Scrawled Filefish, Scrawled Leatherjacket, Lija Tildada, Lija Trompa, Aluterus scriptus.
Scofield’s Anchovy, Yellow Anchovy, Anchoa de Scofield, Anchoa Amarilla, Anchoa scofieldi.
Shafted Bonefish, Threadfin Bonefish, Zorro de Hebra, Albula pacifica.
Sharpnose Anchovy, Anchoa Chicotera, Anchoa Trompa Aquda, Anchoa ischana.
Sharpnose Lizardfish, Spotted Lizardfish, Garrobo Cadena, Synodus evermanni.
Sharpsnout Grunt, Elongate Grunt, Ronco Trampudo, Haemulopsis elongatus.
Sheephead Grunt, Galapagos Sheephead Grunt, Teniente, Orthopristis cantharinus.
Shiner Perch, Shiner Surf Perch, Mojarra Sargacera, Cymatogaster aggregata.
Shortbelly Rockfish, Rocote Pancita, Sebastes jordani.
Shortbill Spearfish, Slender Spearfish, Marlin Trompa Corta, Tetrapturus angustirostris.
Shortfin Corvina, Shortfin Weakfish, Corvinata Aletacorta, Cynoscion parvipinnis.
Shortfin Humpback Grunt, Roncodor chuerca, Microlepidotus brevipinnis.
Shortfinned Butterfish, Salema Butterfish, Palometa Salema, Peprilus snyderi.
Shortfin Scad, Caballa Fina, Decapterus macrosoma.
Shorttail Conger, Shorttail Conger Eel, Congrio Cola Corta, Congrio Chalo, Paraconger similis.
Shortwing Flyingfish, Bigwing Halfbeak, Volador Alita, Oxyhamphus micropterus.
Shovelnose Guitarfish, Emperador Guitarra Trompa de Pala, Rhinobatos productus.
Sicklefin Devil Ray, Chilean Devil Ray, Manta Cornuda, Mobula tarapacana.
Sicklefin Smoothhound Shark, Cazón Segador, Mustelus lunulatus.
Sickle Pomfret, Bigscale Pomfret, (No Known Spanish Name), Taratichthys steinachneri.
Sierra, Pacific Sierra, Sierra Mackerel, Sierra, Scomberomorus sierra.
Silky Shark, Tiburón Piloto, Carcharhinus falciformis.
Silver Carp, Flying Carp, Carpa Plateada, Hypophthalmichthys molitrix.
Silvergray Grunt, Long-Fin Grunt, Burro Mojarro, Anisotremus interruptus.
Silverstripe Anchovy, Regan’s Anchovy, Anchoa Plateada, Anchoa Regan, Anchoa argentivittata.
Skate Egg Case, Mermaid’s Purse, Huevo Caso de Raya, Rajidae Sp.
Skipjack Tuna, White Skipjack, Barrilete Listado, Blanco Bonito, Katsuwonus pelamis.
Slender Kingfish, Pacific King Croaker, Berrugato Fino, Menticirrhus elongatus.
Slender Suckerfish, Lousefish, Remora Delgada, Phtheirichthys lineatus.
Smooth Hammerhead Shark, Cornuda Prieta, Sphyrna zygaena.
Smooth Stargazer, Miraestrella Buldog, Kathetostoma averruncus.
Smoothtail Mobula, Smoothtail Devil Ray, Manta Doblada, Mobula thurstoni.
Snake Mackerel, Common Snake Mackerel, Escolar de Canal, Gempylus serpens.
Snouted Mullet, Lisa Hocicona, Chaenomugil proboscideus.
Snubnose Blacksmelt, Pez de Plata, Bathylagus wesethi.
Sonora Scorpionfish, Escorpión de Sonora, Scorpaena sonorae.
Spearfish Remora, Rémora Robusta, Remora brachyptera.
Speckled Founder, Dappled Flounder, Lenguado Huarache, Paralichthys  woolmani.
Speckled Guitarfish, Slaty-Spotted Guitarfish, Guitarra Punteada, Rhinobatos glaucostigna.
Speckled Scorpionfish, Lapón Manchado, Pontinus sierra.
Specklefin Cusk Eel, Congriperla Pinta, Lepophidium negropinna.
Specklefin Midshipman, Sapo Aleta Pintada, Porichthys myriaster.
Spinster Wrasse, Vieja Soltera, Halichoeres nicholsi.
Spiny Boxfish, Cofre Espinoso, Lactoria diaphana.
Spiny Dogfish, Pike Dogfish, Cazón Espinoso Común, Aiguillat Commun, Squalus suckleyi.
Spiny Stingray, Munda Roundray, Shortfin Roundray, Raya Redonda Áspera, Urotrygon munda.
Splitnose Searobin, Vaca Doble Hocico, Bellator xenisma.
Spotback Scorpionfish, Rascacio Lomo Manchado, Pez Escorpion Párlamo, Pontinus vaughani.
Spotfin Burrfish, Pez Erizo Enano, Chilomycterus reticulatus.
Spotfin Croaker, Spotfin Drum, Roncador Manchado, Roncador stearnsi.
Spottail Grunt, Roncodor Rayado, Ronco Soldadito, Haemulon maculicauda.
Spottail Moray Eel, Equatorial Moray Eel, Morena Cola Pintada, Gymnothorax equatorials.
Spotted Batfish, Murciélago Manchado, Ogcocephalus pantostictus.
Spotted Bay Bass, Spotted Sand Bass, Calico, Cabrilla Pecosa, Paralabrax maculatofasciatus.
Spotted Boxfish, White Spotted Boxfish, Pez Cofre, Ostracion meleagris meleagris.
Spotted Cabrilla, Pinto Bass, Spotted Grouper, Cabrilla Pinta, Epinephelus analogus.
Spotted Cusk Eel, Congriperla Moteada, Chilara taylori.
Spotted Eagle Ray, Chucho Pintado, Aetobatus narinari.
Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish, Rough Triggerfish, Canulo-do-alto, Canthidermis maculata.
Spotted Porcupinefish, Spotfin Porcupinefish, Pez Erizo, Diodon hystrix.
Spotted Rose Snapper, Pargo Chibato, Pargo Flamenco, Lutjanus guttatus.
Spotted Seatrout, Corvina Pinta, Cynoscion nebulosus.
Spotted Sharpnose Pufferfish, Botete Bonito, Canthigaster punctatissima.
Spotted Sleeper, Guavina Machada, Eleotris picta.
Spottedtail Goosefish, Pacific Anglerfish, Rape Rabo Manchado, Lophiodes caulinaris.
Starry Rockfish, Rocote Estrellado, Sebastes constellatus.
Starry Skate, Prickly Skate, Raja Estrellada, Raja stellulata.
Star Studded Grouper, Snowy Grouper, Mero Gris, Baqueta Ploma, Hyporthodus niphobles.
Steel Pompano, Pámpano Acerado, Trachinotus stilbe.
Steeplined Croaker, Steeplined Drum, Boquinete, Larimus acclivis.
Stripebelly Puffer, White-Spotted Puffer, Botete Panza Rayada, Arothron hispidus.
Striped Corvina, Corvina Rayada, Cynoscion reticulates.
Striped Herring, Pacific Piquitinga, Sardinita Rayada, Lile stolifera.
Striped Marlin, Marlin Rayado, Tetrapturus audax.
Striped Mullet, Black Mullet, Lisa, Lisa Pardete, Lisa Común, Mugil cephalus.
Striped Sea Chub, Blue Bronze Sea Chub, Chopa Gris, Chopa Rayada, Kyophosus analogus.
Striped Surf Perch, Striped Sea Perch, Blue Surfperch, Mojarra Azul, Embiotoca lateralis.
Stripetail Rockfish, Rocote Cola Listada, Sebastes saxicola.
Snubnose Blacksmelt, Pez de Plata, Bathylagus wesethi.
Sunset Wrasse, Vieja Collereja, Thalassoma grammaticum.
Swell Shark, Pejegato Globo, Cephaloscyllium vertriosum.
Tarpon, Silver King, Sábalo, Megalops atlanticus.
Thin Laternfish, Pez Lámpara Fino, Lampanyctus tenuiformis.
Threadfin Bass, Speckled Bass, Serrano Baga, Concella Común, Pronotogrammus multifasciatus.
Threadfin Jack, Thread Pompano, Jurel de Hebra, Carangoides otrynter.
Threebanded Butterflyfish, Mariposa Muñeca, Chaetodon humeralis.
Throat Spotted Blenny, Trambollo Pintado, Trambollo Moetado.
Thornback, Thornback Guitarfish, Guitarra Espinudas, Platyrhinoidis triseriata.
Tiger Shark, Tiburón Tigre, Galeocerdo cuvier.
Tiger Snake Eel, Spotted Snake Eel, Tieso Tigre, Myrichthys tigrinus.
Tinsel Squirrelfish, Candil Sol, Pez Ardilla, Sargocentron suborbitalis.
Toothed Flounder, Lenguardo Dientón, Cyclopsetta querna.
Tope Shark, Tiburón Aceitoso, Galeorhinus galeus.
Topsmelt, Pejerrey Pescadillo, Pejerrey, Atherinops affinis.
Totoaba, Totuava, Totuaba, Totoaba, Corvinata Totoaba, Totoaba macdonaldi, Cynoscion madonaldi.
Treefish, Rocot, Sebastes serriceps.
Tropical Hatchetfish, Pez Hacha Plateoado, Argyropelecus lychnus.
Tropical Two-Wing Flying Fish, Volador Dos Alas, Exocoetus volitans.
Twice-Spotted Soapfish, Blackfin Soapfish, Jabonero Doble Punteado, Rypticus nigripinnis.
Twobeak Searobin, Vaca Dospicos, Prionotus birostratus.
Unicorn Filefish, Unicorn Leatherjacket, Lija Barbuda, Aluterus monoceros.
Vermiculated Croaker, Corvina Gallinaza, Corvina Vermiculada, China Cococha, Ophioscion vermicularis.
Vermilion Rockfish, Rocote Bermejo, Sebastes miniatus.
Vermilion Snapper, Besugo, Rhomboplites aurorubens.
Wahoo, Wahoo, Acanthocybium solandri.
Walleye Surfperch, Mojarra Ojona, Hyperprosopon argenteum.
Wavyline Grunt, Ronco Jopatón, Corocoro Jopatón, Microlepidotus inornatus.
Whale Shark, Dámero, Rhincodon typus.
Western Atlantic Seabream, Seabream, Sargo Amarillo, Archosargus rhomboidalis.
White Grunt, Chac-chi, Haemulon plumieri.
Whitemouth Jack, Jurel Lengua Blanca, Uraspis helvola.
White Mullet, Lisa, Lisa Blanco, Mugil curema.
Whitenose Shark, Tiburón Coyotito, Nasolamia velox.
White Seabass, White Weakfish, King Croaker, Curvina, Corvinata Blanca, Atractoscion nobilis.
Whitesnout Searobin, Rubio Rey, Prionotus albirostris.
Wounded Wrasse, Señorita Herida, Halichoeres chierchiae.
Yellow Bobo, Bobo Amarillo, Barbudo de Neuve Barbas, Barbudo Amarillo, Polydactylus opercularis.
Yelloweye Croaker, Yelloweye Drum, Bombache Ojiamarillo, Odontoscion xanthops.
Yellowfin Croaker, Yellowfin Drum, Roncador garabato, Verrugato ronco, Umbrina roncador.
Yellowfin Herring, Arenquillo Aleta Amarilla, Pliosteostoma lutipinnis.
Yellowfin Mojarra, Palmito Rayado, Mojarra Blanca, Gerres cinereus.
Yellowfin Snook, Little Snook, Robalo Aleta Amarilla, Centropomus robalito.
Yellowfin Tuna, Atún de Aleta Amarilla, Thunnus albacares.
Yellow Snake Eel, Tieso Amarillo, Ophichthus zophochir.
Yellow Snapper, Pargo Amarilla, Lutjanus argentiventris.
Yellowstripe Grunt, Ronco Callana, Haemulopsis axillaris.
Yellowtail Snapper, Rubia, Rabirubia, Ocyurus chrysurus.
Yellowtail, California Yellowtail, Yellowtail Amberjack, Jurel, Jurel de Castilla, Seriola lalandi dorsalis.
Yellowtail Surgeonfish, Yellow Sawtail, Cirujanos Aleta Amarilla, Prionurus punctatus.
Zaca Blenny, Trambollo Aletiamarilla, Malacoctenus zacae.
Zebra Clingfish, Chupapiedra Zebra, Tomicodon zebra.
Zebra Moray Eel, Zebra Moray, Morena Cebra, Gymnomuraena zebra.

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