Humboldt Squid, Giant Humboldt Squid

Humboldt Squid picture 1

Humboldt Squid: Feeding on pelagic red crabs off Magdalena Bay, Baja California Sur, Mexico, December 2008. Photo courtesy of Bill Erhardt.

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Humboldt Squid: "A giant squid I caught on August 22, 2002, while fishing down in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. The squid was caught at the northwest side of Isla Espiritu Santo, south of the Bajo. The squid weighed 70 pounds and was 6.5 feet in length. The commercial fisherman indicated they haven't seen one this big in a long time. The squid was caught on a chrome and blue Iron Man jig. I used a Newell 338-5 spooled with 30-pound test. It took approximately 1.5 hours to get the squid to the boat. We also caught many others, but none came close to the size of this one. Description and photo courtesy Keith Williams

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Humboldt Squid: An 80-pound giant squid, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico, February, 2002. Photo courtesy Fly Hooker Sport Fishing.

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Humboldt Squid: Giant squid caught during a fishing trip aboard the San Felipe panga mothership, Celia Angelina, in the Midriff Islands, Sea of Cortez, near Bahia de los Angeles (L.A. Bay), Baja California, Mexico. Photo courtesy Sea of Cortez Sportfishing.

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Humboldt Squid: Photo courtesy Baja Sportfishing, Inc.

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Humboldt Squid: Caught while fishing August, 2002, near La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Photo courtesy Jonathan Roldan.