Mexico and Baja California fishing trip pictures, fishing reports,
sportfishing locations, fish and marine fauna species identification

The more than nine years of weekly sportfishing reports and photographs archived on this website were gathered from hundreds of resident and traveling anglers and dozens of charter fishing boat fleets at Cabo San Lucas, around Baja California and the Sea of Cortez, and major mainland Mexico Pacific and Atlantic coast vacation destinations such as Puerto Vallarta and Cancun.

They include current information on species caught, fish counts, charter boat names, beach fishing, conventional and fly fishing guides, the most effective fishing tackle, bait and lures, current sea surface water temperatures, ocean conditions and weather, peak fishing seasons, vacation travel updates, and the names of all reporters, whether they be large Cabo San Lucas hotel fleets or solo Spanish speaking "pangueros" with just one skiff — information that is critical in deciding when and where to fish during your trips to Mexico.

The large Fish Picture & Identification section contains hundreds of on-the-spot pictures of game fish actually caught during Mexico vacations, of more than 500 species, some quite rare, but also including photos of all the favorites, which have been submitted by anglers. The great majority of these fish species reports are by Dr. John T. Snow, who fishes from shore and from charter skiffs near Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo (Los Cabos). Also well represented are the traditional and historic sportfishing centers of East Cape and La Paz in Baja, and Puerto Vallarta on the mainland. This unique fish photo gallery also contains biological notes for each species, their scientific names, and local Spanish names, making it a handy guide for identifying and learning about what you've just caught from your Mexican charter boat.

Also included is a similar photo gallery with pictures and information on various marine flora and fauna found along the shores of Baja California and Mexico, including sea birds, corals and sea fans, crabs, crustaceans, mammals, sea stars, squids and octopi, urchins and sea cucumbers, and a mixed bag of sea turtles, scorpions, and other creatures, again, with heavy emphasis on the Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo (Los Cabos) areas of Baja.

New information for mainland Mexico and Baja travel and fishing trips is added regularly to, which now contains over 5,000 pages and many thousands of photos submited in Spanish and English about saltwater deep sea fishing and inshore fishing from pangas, panga motherships, long range boats, cruisers, private boats, charter fishing boats, and from shore. (Note that this website includes only incidental information and comments on airline tickets, hotel rooms, and car rentals, mostly as mentioned in the reports of returning anglers.)

Particularly useful in answering that eternal question "Where and when should I go on my next trip?" are the more than 400 editions of "Mexico Fishing News" in the fishing report archive section. By browsing through more than nine years of weekly Mexico and Baja fishing reports and concentrating on the month and location of your planned vacation, you can get a realistic feel for the types of sportfishing opportunities that will probably be available to you during your planned vacation.

Peak seasons, articles, and fishing maps for major Mexico travel sportfishing areas may be found in the following individual sections:

Bahia de los Angeles (L.A. Bay)  |   Baja California (coastal areas)  |   Cabo San Lucas  |   Cancun  |   East Cape
Ensenada  |   Erendira  |   Huatulco  |   Ixtapa Zihuatanejo  |   La Paz (B.C.S.)  |   Loreto  |   Magdalena Bay  |   Mazatlan
Mexico (coastal areas)  |   Mulege  |   Puerto Santo Tomas  |   Puerto Vallarta  |   Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco)
San Carlos (Sonora)  |   San Felipe  |   San Jose del Cabo (Los Cabos)  |   San Quintin  |   Santa Rosalia

Recent fish picture and species information updates:

American Kestrel, Black Murex Shell, Butterfly Flying Fish, Maura False Limpet Shell, Slight Baby Ear Shell, Angled Olive Shell, Antillean Miter Shell, Australian Cardita Shell, Banded Guitarfish, Barnaclebill Blenny, Barred Pargo (Mexican Barred Pargo), Basketweave Cusk Eel, Beaubrummel Major, Blue Runner, Bridled Sand Perch, Brighteyed Cusk Eel, Bubble Nutmeg Shell, Burnt Dove Shell, Caballito (Bigeye Scad), Calico Bass (Kelp Bass), California Halibut, California Moray Eel, California Scorpionfish, California Smoothtongue, California Spiny Jewel Box, Callidinus Murex, Chione Amathusia Clam Shell, Clipperton Grouper, Coarctata Helmet Shell, Collisella Strigatella Limpet Shell, Collisella Mitella Limpet Shell, Coral Hawkfish, Cortez Damselfish, Cortez Round Ray, Crested Bigscale, Crested Caracara, Eastern Pacific Codlet, Elenae Moon Shell, Equatorial Skate, Eye-Of-Judas Purpura Shell, Fore-Spotted Brotula, Galapagos Helmet Cowry Shell, Giant Damselfish, Greater Sand Perch, Gilded Flicker, Jenner’s Cowry Shell, Keeled Heart Urchin, Lance Lizardfish, Long-Barbeled Sea Catfish, Longfin Croaker, Longspine Hatchetfish, Maria’s Turret Shell, Medusafish, Mexican Blenny, Mexican Goatfish, Mexican Lampfish, Mexican Sand Perch, Narrowhead Flyingfish, Northern Grouper, Oceanic Puffer, Pacific Anchovetta, Pacific Argentine, Pacific Bearded Brotula, Pacific Golden-Eyed Tilefish, Pacific Harvestfish, Pacific Hatchetfish, Pacific Mutton Hamlet, Pacific Sand Perch, Pacific Spotted Scorpionfish, Pacific Stargazer, Panama Hake, Panamic Spider Crab, Panamic Stingray, Pustulose Ark Shell, Rainbow Basslet, Rainbow Lip Pearl Oyster, Recluz’s Moon Shell, Red Scorpionfish, Red Swim Crab, Reef Lizardfish, Regular Cone Shell, Ribbon Halfbeak, Rock Wrasse, Rosy Scorpionfish, Roughjaw Frogfish, Sabertooth Blenny, Sanguine Frogfish, Scaled False Triton Shell, Scalyfin Basslet, Shamed-Face Box Crab, Shorttail Conger Eel, Sicklefin Devil Ray, Silken Scallop Shell, Smooth Stargazer, Snake Mackerel, Solander’s Trivia Shell, Speckled Founder, Specklefin Cusk Eel, Spindle Trivia Shell, Spiny Boxfish, Spiny Stingray, Spotted Boxfish, Spotted Cabrilla, Spotted Cusk Eel, Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish, Starry Rockfish, Steel Pompano, Pacific Drum, Snubnose Blacksmelt, Tent Olive Shell, Thin Laternfish, Tiger Turret Shell, Tope Shark, Threadfin Bass, Tropical Hatchetfish, Verdin, Walking Rock Crab, Whitesnout Sea Robin.

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