Pacific Fanfish
Abanico del Pacifico, Mancilla Abanico Pez
(Pteraclis aesticola

Pacific Fanfish, Pteraclis aesticola: The Pacific Fanfish is a blend of metallic silver and blue-green to black in coloration. The large anal and dorsal fins are similar in size and shape and have exceedingly long bases. They are bright blue at the base changing to a blue-black coloration toward the tips. The body of the Pacific Fanfish is strongly compressed and covered with scales.

The Pacific Fanfish has a very narrow tail base and a deeply forked tail. It has large eyes set well into the body and a large oblique mouth with the rear of the top jaw exposed.

This fish species has long pointed pectoral fins. The Pacific Fanfish consumes a variety of crustaceans, fish, and squid. It is reported to reach up to 24 inches in length. Due to the extreme rarity of this species little is known about it. It is known to be a pelagic species found in the Eastern Pacific only on rare occasions.

Distribution in Mexico fishing areas

We are aware of only three cited collections in Mexican fishing waters, one in a commercial purse swine net in 1971 at 29 degrees north 116 degrees west, and the two collections documented by the photos below. The Pacific Fanfish is found in greater abundance in the Indian Ocean around the Western Coast of Australia.

The Pacific Fanfish is a member of the Bramidae family of pomfrets which are exceedingly rare and virtually nonexistent in Mexican fishing areas but known as tristones. They are characterized by having deep bodies, rounded blunt heads, long anal, dorsal and pectoral fins, and forked caudal fins. Globally there are 18 species from 6 genera of Bramidae known, of which only the Pacific Fanfish is found in Mexican waters.

Pacific Fanfish picture

Pacific Fanfish, Pteraclis aesticola: Photo courtesy the Shogun, and Mike Supino.

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