Threadfin Bass, Speckled Bass
Serrano Baga, Concella Común
(Pronotogrammus multifasciatus)

Threadfin Bass, Pronotogrammus multifasciatus: The Threadfin Bass Fish is one of the few bright red fishes and is found only in very deep waters.

The Threadfin Bass is characterized by its overall red-pink coloration, long pelvic fins, short pectoral fins, forked caudal fin, approximately 20 thin irregular yellow bars along its sides, and a yellow stripe under its eyes.

All of the Threadfin Bass' fins are tipped in yellow.

The Threadfin Bass is an easy fish to identify, although it is similar in appearance to the Bigeye Bass, Pronotogrammus eos (large eye and no elongated third dorsal spine), the Damsel Threadfin Bass, Hemanthias signifier (which lacks the elongated pelvic fins), and the Rose Threadfin Bass, Hemanthias peruanus (an elongated third dorsal spine, elongated pectoral fins, and a deeply notched caudal fin).

The Threadfin Bass reaches a length of approximately 26 cm (10.2 inches) and is found between 100 and 400 feet deep in the water column. We have in our possession a fish that measures 29 cm (11.4 inches) extending the known maximum length for this species. Although quite abundant in certain locations of Baja they are too small to be of interest to most.

Distribution in Mexico fishing areas

The Threadfin Bass is found in all Mexican fishing waters including the oceanic islands.

The Threadfin Bass is a member of the Serrandae or Sea Bass and Grouper Family.

Threadfin Bass Photo 1

Threadfin Bass, Pronotogrammus multifasciatus: Caught during a fishing trip with Captain Pata in the panga Salome, La Playita, San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico, midmorning in August 2004, in 85-degree water, at a depth of 50 feet, utilizing a Sand Dab rig, size 1/0, 20-pound test, at Punta Gorda, north of La Playita. Size approximately 8 inches. A very rare catch. Description and photo courtesy John Snow. Fish identification confirmed by Dr. Ross Robertson, Smithsonian Institute, Panama.

Threadfin Bass Photo 1

Threadfin Bass, Pronotogrammus multifasciatus: Caught on the bait grounds south of Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico, in 270 while fishing feet of water, with a sabiki bait rig, January 2005. Description and photo courtesy Mike Kanzler. Fish identification confirmed by John Snow.

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