Sargo, Xanthic Sargo
Sargo Rayado, Burro Piedrero
(Anisotremus davidsonii)

Sargo, Anisotremus davidsoni: The Sargo is characterized by a single broad black bar running from the fifth and six dorsal spine downward to about level with the pectoral base.

The overall body color is pale dusky yellow. The upper margin of the Sargo's gill cover is black and it has a dark spot at the base of the pectoral fin.

Distribution in Mexico fishing areas

The Sargo is found all along the Pacific side of the Baja California peninsula south to Magdalena Bay and throughout the upper half of the Sea of Cortez.

The Sargo is the largest of the grunts, growing to a length of almost 2 feet, and 6 pounds in weight. In the Sea of Cortez, 12-inch models are standard. The Sargo is an inshore species generally found around rocky reefs in the first 200 feet of the water column.

The Sargo cannot be easily confused with any other species, with the possible exception of the Longfin or Silvergrey Grunt, Anistremus caesius (found only in southern Mexico fishing waters, yellowish in appearance, with a wide single broad bar running from the first dorsal spine downward to about level with the middle of the gill cover).

The Sargo is viewed as marginal table fare.

Note: The Sargo was successfully introduced into the Salton Sea in 1951.

The Sargo is a member of the Haemulidae or Grunt Family which are known in Mexico as burros.

Sargo picture

Sargo, Anisotremus davidsoni: Caught during fishing by commercial fishermen in the greater Los Cabos area of Baja California Sur, Mexico, July 2009. Size 31 cm (12 inches). Identification reconfirmed by H.J. Walker, Jr., Scripps Institute of Oceanography, La Jolla, Calif. Photo courtesy of John Snow.

Sargo picture

Sargo, Anisotremus davidsoni: Caught while fishing on August 4, 2002, at Cove #6, Morro Santo Domingo, Baja California, Mexico, by Mike Qualman, working a Fish Trap swim bait from shore at the west end of the cove. Description and photo courtesy Dean Mitchell.

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