Loreto dorado stalked by commercial fishing nets;

Yellowtail showing up at San Quintin

Mexico Fishing News, June 30, 2008



LORETO, MEXICO: Pam Bolles of Loreto's Baja Big Fish Company reported good early summer dorado counts including some large specimens in the 50-pound class caught near a Mexican commercial boat netting sportfishing-reserved dorado on weed paddies north of town.

"The commercial boat wrapping dorado set me off," Bolles said. "One of the dorado ran into the commercial boat's net and had to have the netting material removed from it. This was approximately a quarter-mile from the net boat."

Loreto's dorado season was entering its main summer phase, as seas flattened out and dorado fed actively, but Bolles lamented the presence of the Mexican commercial fishing boat netting dorado as "bycatch" while officially targeting nearly absent shark and using a legal loophole provided by Mexican federal fishing regulations.

Bolles described the Loreto netting, saying, "The boat was at 26.20.602 degrees north and 111.05.231 degrees west, approximately 18 miles from the coast off Mercenarios, north of Loreto on Tuesday, June 24th.

"This boat, of course, was 'fishing for shark' when a school of rogue dorado just happened to jump into the seine and were 'incidentally caught.' You could see the sargassum paddy they wrapped the school at. Nothing can be done because we have cowards working for the official agencies."

Bolles also reported a putative new local ban on tourists fishing for their own squid bait at Loreto.

"The Loreto Marine Park officials say the only way gringos can fish for squid, even when making bait, is if their Mexican captain is at the end of the line and possesses a Mexican commercial fishing license. The marine park says it's a $1,000 (dollar) fine if someone is caught fishing for squid, even for bait. And fishing is no longer permitted inside Puerto Escondido inside the SINGLAR domain.

"And you'd better have that bright pink marine park bracelet on your arm or else! The marine park, while letting the pistoleros decimate the shore line species and the offshore commercial boats from Sinaloa wrap the pelagics, will get all in a huff if any gringo is caught without their $2 wristband.

"The pangueros are very angry but of course have no idea what to do, so of course, they do nothing. The majority of them are helpless and ignorant of their rights, exactly as these officials like them to be. I am waiting for the next meeting of the agencies. I'll bring their laws with me to present the truth to our fellow pangueros.

"It's very important to have us buy your Mexican fishing license in the state of Baja California Sur because only in this state do we have the opportunity to keep the funds to finance FONMAR which uses these resources to fight NOM 029."

LORETO, MEXICO: Patty Zapata of Loreto's Hotel Oasis reported on 43 pangas fishing during the week, for a catch including released fish of: 124 dorado of 18 to 56 pounds, 3 marlin, 3 sailfish, 30 cabrilla of 7 to 8 pounds, 50 triggerfish, 28 red snapper, and 50 squid. Loreto fishing area weather was good, with no winds and calm seas, and water temperatures at 83 to 86 degrees as most pangas fished at Bajo de las Boyas north of Isla Carmen.

Anglers fishing with Loreto Capts. Alejandro Savín, Alfonso Susarrey, Antonio Davis Castro, Ernesto Fuentes, Francisco Martínez, Ismael Murillo, Jesús Osuna, Luciano Murillo, Martín Davis Castro, Martín Perpuli, and Paulino Martínez included: Don Kostyal, Keri Merconi, Marc Fielding, Randy Piscopo, Robert Baldocchi, Dean Piscopo, Brian Rendington, Cesar Dave, Rick Piscopo, Rickey Piscopo, Anthony Piscopo, John Carson, Jonas Kungys, James Weber, Watson Garret, Joshua Gibeau, Ron Liebelt, Mike Pratt, Ron Reeves, Gary Murdock, Greg Knecht, David Hillendahl, Jim Larsel, John and Margueritte Taylor, William Bendel, Daphne Bendel, Kaylewe Bendel, Ana Gloria Pellegrino, and Pascal Pellegrino.

LORETO, MEXICO: Don Bear of Loreto reported steady dorado averaging about 2 to 3 fish of 15 to 35 pounds per outing for his own boat and those of local pangueros. Two runs with mackerel baits but no sardinas by Bear's boat to fish weed paddies in the area between Isla Coronado and Bajo Mercenarios produced 4 dorado on 10 strikes, plus a first-ever striped marlin tagged by Ana Gloria Pellegrino. Water temperatures in the area averaged 74 to 77 degrees in choppy sea conditions. Also fishing aboard Bear's boat during the two outings were: Pascal Pellegrino, Fabrizio Maragoni, Loreto Capt. Martin Davis Castro, Charlie Licha, Michael Hartman, and Loreto Capt. Paulino Martinez. "Our bait was exclusively mackerel," Bear said. "The sardinas suddenly disappeared from the marina over the weekend and they have not returned."

Bear also reported on a total of 6 outings by Loreto Capts. Paulino Martinez, Francisco Martinez, and Javier Martinez for a catch including released fish of: 29 dorado, and 1 marlin.

LORETO, MEXICO: Bear commented on the usability of the boat launch ramp renovated last year at the downtown Loreto marina. "The final word on the year-old ramp here is that it is little better than the old one," he said. "During minus tides, boats over 21 feet long have trouble. Their trailers scrape the last couple of feet of concrete as the wheels hit the drop-off at the end of the ramp. On the very lowest tides, it's impossible to launch until the water rises 6 inches to a foot."

In other mainland Mexico and Baja fishing action this week:



ENSENADA, MEXICO: Emerald Argonza of Matador Sportfishing at Ensenada said the charter boat Matador was on the water again after major renovations and a trip to north Isla Todos Santos produced a catch of 9 bonito, 16 barracuda, 2 yellowtail to 15 pounds, and 5 Humboldt giant squid with angler Marlo Liban of Tuguegarao City, Philippines, and his group. "Most fish were caught on jigs and also by trolling when the school moved," Argonza said. "Lots of fish were lost due to a the inexperience of the group but they still managed to fill their sacks. My kudos to Marlo's group for the team effort. The action was great until 11:30 a.m. when the guys decided to call it a day." Local Ensenada fishing conditions were cloudy and calm, with very little wind.

ENSENADA, MEXICO: Ivan Villarino of Vonny's Fleet reported another week of very good local Ensenada fishing for his beach-launched pangas at the tip of Punta Banda. "This week was excellent," Villarino said, as all pangas turned in mixed species Mexican sportfishing limits for bottom fish, lingcod, red rockcods, bonita, and steady yellowtail of 18 to 24 pounds. On Thursday, Art Fernandez of Eagle Spring, Calif., limited out and also hooked 2 yellowtail with Capt. Hector on the charter panga Vonny IV. Other anglers scoring limits and yellowtail with Capt. Hector and Capts. Vicente and Beto included Rick Eggleston and Anne White of Denver, Colo., Joe and Roger Smith of Rosarito, Baja California, and Ensenada local Brian Foley, who usually prefers fishing for calico bass. "Beto put him and his swim bait on top of a yellowtail boil, and Brian couldn't resist," Villarino said. "He got 4 yellowtail, all 20 to 24 pounds." Ensenada fishing area weather in the high-60s, with morning clouds, sunny afternoons, light winds, ocean swells at 3 feet, and water temperatures at Punta Banda averaging 60 degrees.

ENSENADA, MEXICO: Steve Ross of the sportfishing boat Bad Dog out of Ensenada's Marina Coral reported on a long fishing day from 4 a.m. to midnight that included trolling Rapala X-14 Magnum 30s for 4 bonito in 65.3-degree water at Isla Todos Santos, a 3-pound calico bass and a 2.75-pound sandbass trolled up outside the marina, and a long troll around the 238 spot 35 miles off Ensenada for no albacore, but a quadruple hookup on bonita in 69-degree water. Ross reported other Ensenada boats finding some albacore at various offshore locations. "I understand that albacore showed up on the 302 with a few boats catching a dozen each," Ross said. "A few were caught at the Upper 500, the 425, and the Hidden Bank as well."

During his long offshore troll, Ross said, "We spent the day and into the night trolling for albacore with 7-Strand tuna clone feathers in color carrot top. The albacore seemed to bite early with no twilight bite for us." Ross also noted that he is no longer contributing a weekly sportfishing column to the publication, Baja News.

ENSENADA, MEXICO: Steve Ross also commented on his recent report of Humboldt giant squid crowding game fish out of northern Pacific Baja waters, saying, "It is believed that the Humboldts have taken up residency permanently in the Ensenada area and have begun spawning. In a conversation with Ensenada commercial fisherman "Kiki's Panga" it has been learned that his business of catching blackgill, black cod, and thornyheads has come to an end. This termination began about a year ago when his set-line at 3,000 feet deep would bring up a mixed bag of Humboldt squid as a bycatch. As time moved on, the number of squid on the line increased until at this time, he believes that all the blackgill, black cod and thornyheads have been devoured by this voracious predator. Recently, my boat Bad Dog has only caught Humboldt squid on numerous drops in previously fertile 2,000, 1,500, 800, 700, and 600-foot locations where rockfish were previously caught. Fathometer trackings show squid hovering over spires as opposed to their normal cruising depths. On Saturday night at twilight 6 miles north of the 295-fathom spot, I metered 4 miles of Humboldt squids cruising at a steady depth of 150 feet. These predators will take out any fish population they can throw a tentacle around."



PUERTO SANTO TOMAS, MEXICO: Joe Branco of Riverside, Calif., reported on a Baja fishing run to Puerto Santo Tomas with Joe Lujan, going out with Capt. Willy for full Mexican fishing limits of bottom fish at the Soledad reef. Lujan landed a large lingcod in 100 feet of water at the reef in good sea conditions. "The weather was perfect and the sea was calm and smooth," Branco said. "As an added bonus, a pod of about 6 mother gray whales with their babies were seen." No problems were noted during the drive down Baja's Mex 1 Transpeninsular Highway. "Contrary to the bandito problem proliferated by the news media, the American tourists were welcomed in the usual gracious manner by the Mexican people," Branco said.



SAN QUINTIN, MEXICO: Marita Melville of Don Eddie's Landing at San Quintin said, "The yellowtail have arrived." Don Eddie's Landing Capt. Juan Cook fished 4 days with Denis Mantei, Stephen Mantei, and Gordon Janz of Canada for 18 yellowtail to 20 pounds plus steady Mexican limits of mixed bottom fish in calm seas and water temperatures averaging 61 degrees. "They were fishing at San Martin Island all 4 days," Melville said. "Each day they brought in limits and yellowtail. They were fishing by the squid beds. They hooked a lot of yellowtail and ended up landing about half of them. There were schools of yellowtail feeding on krill. It looks like a great week for fishing here in San Quintin." Fishing at the island also produced 3 halibut to 26 pounds.

SAN QUINTIN, MEXICO: Pete Hillis of Pedro's Pangas at San Quintin reported more boats fishing during the week, in good weather and calm seas, for a mix of halibut, yellowtail, very good general bottom fishing, and 2 white seabass of 25 and 30 pounds caught during a run south to Socorro by Capt. Hector. "We did have a few boats out this week," Hillis said. "There are lots of fish and we look forward to providing some great trips. Hector fishing on the Rommy found legal halibut and there is still yellowtail of 15 to 20 pounds at Isla San Martin."

SAN QUINTIN, MEXICO: Kelly Catian of San Quintin's K&M Offshore Sportfishing said he found good numbers of yellowtail at Isla San Martin, plus calico bass and halibut. "There are lots of yellowtail at San Martin, Catian said. "Most fish were caught on iron, plus some troll fish on small Rapalas, or on bait. The halibut are on the chew, as well as calicos and sandbass." Anglers fishing with K&M during the week included Chris Pierce, Austin McKeever, Dave Wilkerson, Jim Kasiah, Dan Rosales, Sid Ochoa, and Eddie Chagolla.



BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO: Shari Bondy of Baja Bed & Breakfast at Bahia Asuncion on Baja's semi-report Pacific coast said water temperatures warmed enough for kids to surf without wetsuits last week and yellowtail were starting to show up at Punta San Pablo a few miles north. "The weather is gorgeous," Bondy said. "Cool Pacific breezes are keeping it nice here with some morning fog." Capt. Juan Arce of Arce Bros. Sportfishing didn't hook a yellowtail while trolling through birds and bait, but brought in a catch of sheephead and large whitefish from a high spot 2 miles off Isla Asuncion. "We have lots of fishermen coming to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend so we hope to get into some yellowtail," Bondy said. Local commercial Mexican fishermen completed the abalone harvest and were working caracol or giant sea snail, and were gathering seaweed for drying. Bondy commented on the rapid growth of the village, saying, "Bahia Asuncion is bustling with building projects. A new hotel is near completion and the new pub out by the point should be ready for the summer fiestas. New residents from up north are building houses here as well."

BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO: Mike Borden of El Cajon, Calif., reported on 5 days of fishing off the Baja coast at Islas Cedros and Benitos aboard his boat Fish Magnet for a steady catch of 5 to 10 yellowtail per day plus more lost to sea lions, in clear 65-degree water. Also fishing aboard the Fish Magnet were Dave Claborn, Tim Reese of Yuma, Ariz., and Capt. Luise Palomino.

"There were lots of fish willing to bite but fishing with bait was impossible because of the seals," Borden said. "Cedros' south and east sides produced the best quantity of fish. The west side of the island was decent, with good schools of bonita and spotty yellows at mid-channel between Cedros and Benitos." Top catches during the trip included a 54-pound yellowtail by Tim Reese. "The 54 pounder was caught at mid-island at Cedros on a white-and-blue iron fished in large sardine schools with the yellows eating krill and sardines," Borden said.

"At Benitos there was much less bait but we had no problem at night catching bait in dense fog. The locals of Isla Cedros were very accommodating and provided us with extra crew for the trip. At Benitos there was much less bait but we had no problem at night catching bait in dense fog. The fishermen reported that they are having serious problems at Benitos with rats and that they hope help can arrive soon from somewhere to help eliminate them."

BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO: Julio Meza of San Quintin reported on a Baja trailer boat trip to fish a total 4 days locally and at Bahia de los Angeles on the Sea of Cortez coast with Pedro Sors of the Mexican sportfishing television program Caña y Carrete. "We were filming 5 fishing shows," Meza said. "We caught over 60 leopard grouper, more than 15 yellowtail, and over 100 huge bottom fish. Baja fishing weather was excellent and the bite incredible. We put over 500 miles on my boat during 4 days on the water and 1,000 miles on my truck towing on Highway 1."



MAGDALENA BAY, MEXICO: Gary Graham of Baja On The Fly reported Magdalena Bay fishing area weather in the low-100s, with clear skies, light winds, and water temperatures at 60 to 66 degrees. Fishing out of Mag Bay Outfitters at Puerto Lopez Mateos included Tom Anderson's group with halibut inside the bay and open Pacific action for 1 dorado, some grouper, and Mexico fishing limits of yellowfin tuna.

MAGDALENA BAY, MEXICO: For the previous week ending June 19, 2008, Graham said Bob Hoyt of Mag Bay Outfitters found a good tuna bite at the Puerto Lopez Mateos boca and southwards toward Cabo San Lazaro. Some marlin were also seen. The new boat landing at Puerto Lopez Mateos produced Mexico fishing limits of corvina for locals fishing from the recently completed dock.



CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: For the week ending June 25, 2008, Tracy Ehrenberg of Pisces Fleet Sportfishing reported 54 percent of Cabo San Lucas charters releasing striped marlin, 21 percent landing dorado, just 9 percent with yellowfin tuna, and 69 percent with all game fish species combined. During the week a total of 84 striped marlin were landed, almost all being released, and 1 sailfish was also released. "We need to have higher sea temperatures for the fishing to improve at Cabo," Ehrenberg said. "Added to this was the full moon and a lack of live bait.

However, looking back to last year for this same time period, we see an exact repeat of these fishing conditions at Cabo San Lucas." Pisces boats fished a wide area from the San Jaime Bank on the Pacific side, around the cape, and up to San Jose del Cabo. Cabo San Lucas fishing area weather was sunny, with wind and chop on the Pacific side, water temperatures averaging 70 degrees, and live bait scarce.

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: Larry Edwards of Cortez Yacht Charters reported on 29 outings by Gaviota Fleet and the Cabo charter boats Fish Cabo, Fish Cabo I, and Tuna Time, with a catch including released fish of: 12 striped marlin, all released, 3 dorado, 2 roosterfish, and 33 yellowfin tuna. The top boat during the week was the Fish Cabo with a 6-release day. "The overall fish catching at Cabo San Lucas has been fairly slow up to this point, but the change of the moon phase may have been of some help," Edwards said. Cabo San Lucas fishing area weather was clear in the high-90s, with water temperatures of 75 to 79 degrees from Cabo Falso around to the Cortez side at the Cabrillo Seamount. The best action was found on live bait south of the Hotel Finisterra on the Pacific side. Live bait supplies were variable.

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: Jim Dillon of Salvador's Sportfishing reported on 9 outings by the Cabo San Lucas charter boats El Budster, El Budster I, and El Budster II, with a catch including released fish of: 2 striped marlin, and 2 dorado of 30 pounds. "The boats saw a number of striped marlin, but none would hit the lures or go after live bait," Dillon said.

CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO: George Landrum of Fly Hooker Sportfishing reported Cabo San Lucas sportfishing area weather sunny in the mid-80s, with some afternoon winds, and water temperatures going back-and-forth from the Pacific to Cortez sides with a wide range of about 61 degrees to 77 degrees. "That is what the water temperatures have been doing as the California Current brings cold water and then weakens and the Sea of Cortez warm water pushes our way," Landrum said. Cabo San Lucas marlin fishing was up-and-down with varying water temperatures but generally slow. "At the end of the week you were lucky at Cabo to get a chance to throw bait," Landrum said. Inshore pangas caught sierra to 8 pounds, yellowtail to 10 pounds, and some scattered bonito, amberjack, and jack crevalle.



SAN JOSE DEL CABO, MEXICO: Eric Brictson of Gordo Banks Pangas reported on 88 combined La Playita fleet pangas fishing out of San Jose del Cabo's Puerto Los Cabos marina, with a catch including released fish of: 225 huachinango or true red snapper, 146 roosterfish released, 5 yellowfin tuna, 9 dorado, 6 striped marlin, 8 yellowtail, 23 amberjack, 15 pompano, 14 dog snapper, 33 yellow snapper, and 52 sierra. Good action for red snapper, or huachinango in Spanish, was found by La Playita pangas at the Inner Gordo Bank. "The huachinango were aggressive," Brictson said. "Mexico fishing limits were the rule and sizes ranged from 7 to 15 pounds." Inshore, roosterfish action was good for fish mostly of 5 to 10 pounds. "At least a couple of 50-pound class roosterfish were also released by angler Pat Walsh of Venice, Calif., while fishing with Capt. Tony Miranda on the super panga Hooker," Brictson said. "Offshore, fleets from East Cape reported better fishing for dorado and yellowfin tuna in cleaner and warmer water not as stirred up by southern currents as the fishing areas off Los Cabos." San Jose del Cabo fishing area weather was breezy from the south, with dirty, greenish water widespread offshore, and water temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degrees, with the warmest water found northeast up the Baja coast at Los Frailes.

SAN JOSE DEL CABO, MEXICO: John Migeot of Mission Viejo, Calif., reported on 2 panga runs out of Punta Palmilla with Capt. Ramon of Francisco's Fleet for a catch in very cold-feeling water temperatures with trip partner Danny Verrier of 10 roosterfish of 5 to 10 pounds, 1 jack crevalle, 1 amberjack of 30 pounds, 10 bonita, and 3 sierra. "The water was so cold at Chileno Bay that we could only snorkel for about 5 minutes," Migeot said. "When we got out, all the snorkelers from the excursion boats were standing on the beach wishing for warmer water. I've been going there for more than 20 years and have never seen the water that cold. Baja is always an adventure and this was another great one."



EAST CAPE, MEXICO: Gary Graham of Baja On The Fly reported very good inshore fishing for smaller roosterfish as windy conditions subsided during the week. "Inshore fishing was as good as it gets," Graham said, "also for jacks, pargo, and a few cabrilla." Spotty East Cape offshore fishing improved at midweek as yellowfin tuna schools were located off the Punta Arena lighthouse and dorado were hooked and lost on the fly just a few hundred yards off Punta Colorada. East Cape beach fishing produced mixed small roosterfish, jack crevalle, pompano, and a few ladyfish. "I was on the beach fishing early Thursday morning at Rincon and hung a nice jack in the high-teens on my third cast," Graham said. "The roosterfish nearby continued to feed while I landed him! It was one of the best weeks of fishing at East Cape this year." East Cape fishing area weather was partly cloudy in the low-100s, with water temperatures of 73 to 87 degrees.

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: For the week ending June 20, 2008, Eddie Dalmau of Van Wormer Resorts reported on 320 East Cape sportfishing boats from Hotels Palmas de Cortez, Playa del Sol, and Punta Colorada, with a catch including released fish of: 380 yellowfin tuna, 160 roosterfish, 2 blue marlin, 84 striped marlin, 23 sailfish, 225 dorado, 1 wahoo, 39 cabrilla, 56 pargo, 14 triggerfish, 29 bonita, 15 pompano, 20 skipjack, 4 sierra, and 2 mako shark. East Cape fishing area weather was at 90 degrees, with water temperatures of 75 to 80 degrees. "The tuna finally made it up to the East Cape sportfishing area and we saw the numbers shoot right up," Dalmau said. "Almost 400 tuna were landed this week, with a few over 100 pounds."

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: For the week ending June 19, 2008, Ana Lizeth Velazquez of Buena Vista Beach Resort reported on 79 boats, with 295 anglers and a catch including released fish of: 28 striped marlin, 70 dorado, 89 yellowfin tuna, 1 wahoo, 255 roosterfish, 3 snappers, 7 jack crevalle, 2 amberjack, 1 bonito, 3 yellowtail, 1 pompano, 14 triggerfish, 2 cabrilla, and 7 sierra. East Cape fishing area weather was in the mid-90s, with water temperatures at 75 to 85 degrees. "Offshore fishing was not as great as last week," Velazquez said. "Our fleet was going everywhere trying to locate the best water. Inshore fishing continues to show great numbers and great quality fish from in front of the hotel all the way to the Pulmo reef."

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: For the week ending June 20, 2008, John Ireland of Rancho Leonero reported unseasonably cool weather in the East Cape fishing area, with highs in the mid-80s, but with rapidly warming water temperatures of 76 to 83 degrees. Hotel boats began finding yellowfin tuna including some fish of 30 to 40 pounds, swimming with porpoise about 15 to 20 miles off Cabo Pulmo. Dorado counts were down. Striped marlin moved further outside and were found 15 to 20 miles straight out from the hotel. Inshore fishing produced lots of 10 to 20-pound roosterfish plus pompano around the lighthouse.

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: Simon Cazaly of East Cape's Vista Sea Sport diving service said water temperatures on the Cabo Pulmo coral reef warmed to about 70 degrees, with visibility variable at 20 to 30 feet and good quantities of leopard grouper, golden phase leopard grouper, yellow snapper, and burrito grunt observed at the dive spot known as El Bajo. "At El Cantil I was also astonished at the numbers of Panamic green morays," Cazaly said. "They were literally everywhere, sometimes as many as 6 all swimming freely around each other. And massive numbers of bigeye jacks have been darkening the waters above both dive sites." At the Las Casitas dive site, many diamond stingrays were resting on the bottom, accompanied by batrays, bull's-eye rays, and Cortez stingrays. "Las Casitas means little houses, so called because of the large boulders with easily accessible caverns that contain some beautiful sea fans and soft corals," Cazaly said. "Graybar grunts school around these boulders and today we saw several sierra mackerel as well as bumphead parrotfish and numerous other colorful reef fish."

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: Mike Nelson of Puyallup, Wash., reported on half-a-day of fishing out of Los Barriles by his group with Capt. Jorge on the Hotel Palmas de Cortez charter boat Tio Tico, trolling plugs in a light chop about 18 miles south of the Punta Arena lighthouse for a catch of: 1 dorado of 25 pounds, and later, 3 roosterfish of 8 to 10 pounds caught inshore. "We also came upon a whale," Nelson said. "It breached a few times and then disappeared. About 30 minutes later we saw 2 separate schools of dolphins and then 2 dorado fining on top of the water. Our deckhand came down and chummed the dorado and we hooked one within seconds. The crew rarely sat still. Things were slow but the crew kept trying different stuff, color of plug, fresh bait, etc."

"We stayed at a casa on the beach just south of the Las Palmas Hotel," Nelson added. "We booked our trip at the hotel. If this guy ever loses his job at the hotel he would do well selling used cars! Bait was a bit of an issue as the bait boats were having a difficult time netting the bait. We finished the trip fishing for roosters south of the lighthouse." Also fishing in Nelson's group were Bridget Irwin of Puyallup, and Dennis and Julie Ireland of Bend, Ore.

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: Rob Hixson of La Jolla, Calif., reported slow fishing during his annual fathers-and-sons group trip to East Cape, with 18 anglers fishing 3 days aboard 4 boats for a catch of: 3 marlin released, 4 dorado, 7 small tuna, and 1 amberjack, plus good action on 37 roosterfish released inshore. "The only highlight was rooster fishing if you could get sardinas and a small boat," Hixson said. "The Mexican government needs to stop the seiners and long liners from killing off this important fish tourism area. The tuna area was about 30 miles out and south. The boats that went north got nothing. All the tuna were only about 10 pounders." Fishing aboard the boats Rampage, Pure Magic, and 2 hotel cruisers from Rancho Buena Vista were: Paul and Jackson Dougherty, Larry and Larry Andrews, Mac and Carver Hanger, Denis and Eric Tarakjian, Jonathan and Jake Scheff, Len and Trent Lauer, Cory and Duncan Brown, Chris and Alex Foster, and Rob and James Hixson. The trip's top count was for 32 roosterfish released by Larry Andrews and Larry Andrews Jr. aboard the boat Christina.

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: John Migeot of Mission Viejo, Calif., reported on the East Cape segment of his Baja Sur trip with Danny Verrier, fishing with live bait and Rapalas 2 days on pangas out of Hotel Punta Colorada for a catch including released fish of: 1 marlin, 2 dorado of 40 and 45 pounds, 1 sierra, 1 yellowfin tuna of 20 pounds, and "all the rooster we wanted, right in front of La Ribera." "The water was cool and it mostly windy," Migeot said. "It looks like it could break wide-open any day now."

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: Werner Hradecky of San Diego, Calif., reported on fishing aboard his boat Bad Company with anglers Mark, Denny, and Mike Redman for a catch about 1.5 miles off Punta Arena in flat 80-degree water of: 1 dorado of about 35 pounds, 1 marlin lost, 1 jack crevalle, and about 10 small roosterfish of 4 to 7 pounds caught near the lighthouse. "Lots of fun on light tackle," Hradecky said. "It was quite a slow week with the full moon. The tuna were running offshore but you had to go 31 miles and they were pretty small, mostly 12 to 15 pounders." Mike Redman, added, "In addition, many sea turtles were sighted, including pairs mating."

EAST CAPE, MEXICO: Marisol Verdugo of Martin Verdugo's Beach Resort said the week's fishing results included a blue marlin weighed on a certified scale at 375 pounds landed by Dave Palacios and his son fishing aboard the resort cruiser Ronny. "A really nice fish!" Verdugo said. "Tuna have also been biting since Thursday and we have nice dorados."



LA PAZ, MEXICO: Gerardo Hernandez of Tortuga Sportfishing at La Paz said his Las Arenas side pangas fished in variable winds with good action on mixed species including summer season yellowtail, pargo lisa, pargo perro, some pompano, and amberjack and wahoo of good size. "We're feeling the heat now with air temperatures to 95 degrees," Hernandez said. "Water temperatures have been up to the 80s at the 88 Bank, and 78 to 80 degrees close to Isla Cerralvo. We had some large swell outside that made it hard for pangas to fish at the buoys." Tortuga pangas found their best dorado counts on medium fish at Las Cruces, and some dorado to 40 pounds were caught at the buoys on days when pangas were able to get outside.

LA PAZ, MEXICO: Jamie Lawson of San Diego, Calif., reported fishing at El Castillo near the Punta Arena de la Ventana lighthouse for good results on 5 dog snapper of 25 to 40 pounds caught in 4 days of action that included a session on jack crevalle feeding on ladyfish baits. "There were large jack crevalle all over the place," Lawson said. "They were big enough that they were quickly taking the ladyfish we were baiting the dog snapper with. An unusual sight. I had never seen jack crevalle eat ladyfish before, and you just couldn't get past them." Catches by other boats included amberjack of 10 to 60 pounds, 1 small wahoo, and about 1 dorado per boat running out to the buoys, taken mostly on zebrafish baits. "The current and fishing conditions led many boats to park 200 yards off the beach to take pompano, and those were quite a few," Lawson said. "There were also more barred pargo than usual at the south end of Cerralvo."

LA PAZ, MEXICO: Jonathan Roldan of Tailhunter International said La Paz fishing waters were recovering from recent winds as catches improved for dorado. "We finally got a break in the wind," Roldan said. "The respite has given La Paz fishing waters a bit of time to recover and clean up from the cold green ocean we've had over the past week. As each day got better, so did the fishing. The best part is that dorado finally decided to join the party for our La Paz fleet after mostly twiddling-their-thumbs for the better part of this early season, waiting for something to happen. For several days, there were limits to near limits of dorado from small to medium size with a few 30-pound bills thrown in. The best bite was a in patch of water outside Las Cruces."



SANTA ROSALIA, MEXICO: Mike Kanzler of Isla San Marcos reported Santa Rosalia fishing area weather at 90 degrees, with relative humidity at about 50 percent, southeast winds to about 17 knots, water temperatures at 71 to 73 degrees with green color inshore and 75 to 78 degrees with better color offshore, and generally slow fishing. "I'm not sure if the fishing is going to be good this season," Kanzler said. "It's not one of the best to remember. I didn't see any paddies on my offshore run and I covered about 20 miles. Nada." Yellowtail counts ranged from zero to a couple of fish. "Dorado and billfish are here and there, but cooler water has given them lockjaw," Kanzler said. Boats fishing in the Punta Chivato dorado tournament found 3 fish over 30 pounds, but mostly a few scattered pockets of 8 to 10 pounders. General sea life, bird, and bait fish concentrations were good during a run to Isla San Marcos with Jeff Vogel of Punta Chivato and Las Vegas, Nev., and his fishing partner Bruce. "Only one thing was missing, and that would be the fish," Kanzler said. "Nothing was happening at any of the bajo spots, and there were no commercial panga fishermen either. One fish was caught by Jeff on a heavy iron cast into a boil. It was the only action we saw for the day."



BAHIA DE LOS ANGELES, MEXICO: Ruben Daggett of Daggett's Camp at the north end of the Bahia de los Angeles village reported good counts of yellowtail of 12 to 15 pounds plus 1 yellowtail of 30 pounds caught during 2 days of fishing by Capt. Enrique Daggett with Marcos Cornejo of San Diego, Calif. "They used iron jigs, blue-and-white Salas 6X Jrs., and they fished the first day on the south side of Isla Angel de la Guarda, and the second day at Isla Piojo inside the bay," Daggett said.

BAHIA DE LOS ANGELES, MEXICO: Jay Hammer of the Vagabundos del Mar Boat & Travel Club reported good yellowtail numbers found at Bahia de los Angeles during the annual club group boat cruise from L.A. Bay to points south including San Francisquito, Isla Salsipuedes, and Isla Partida. "There are yellowtail all over the place," Hammer said. "Boats were chasing breezers. Smaller yellowtail were in schools around Isla Smith, and larger ones at Isla Partida and Isla Angel de la Guarda. On Saturday and Sunday all the possible guides and fishermen were fishing in L.A. Bay. Bait also was easy to find in the usual front bait hole and at Don Juan Cove."

BAHIA DE LOS ANGELES, MEXICO: Roger Crenshaw of Chula Vista, Calif., reported very slow local yellowtail fishing around Punta San Francisquito during early June, but with signs of a turnaround showing last week. "The day before we left, one boat got 10 yellows to 38 pounds right at the point, so fishing is about to bust wide open," Crenshaw said. "But this has to be one of the slowest years that ever existed until the last week. We only caught 2 yellowtail from May 15th until June 5th." Some dorado were caught in warming water temperatures 10 miles out, but water on the beach was still at 64 degrees. "Someone shot a 55-pound roosterfish at San Miguel which is unheard of for that area in the last 25 years," Crenshaw said. "We had rollers on the beach for the last 2 weeks which is very unusual for this time of year. No yellowtail were caught from the beach." Midriff fishing area weather was in the mid-80s, with 12-knot winds from the south and morning fogs.

BAHIA DE LOS ANGELES, MEXICO: Visitors and residents of property near the San Francisquito resort reported rumors about the fate of the area including a rebuilding of the facility but no major development. "The deal fell through with the Mexico City buyers," one reporter said. "The family will rebuild San Francisquito and rent the two houses at the end of the beach. By October they hope to have 10 cabanas, kitchen, bar, etc., open."



SAN FELIPE, MEXICO: Dana Kerby of Baja Fishing & Diving reported on 6-day Midriff islands fishing trips by the panga motherships Andrea Lynn and Erik, returning to San Felipe on June 19, 2008, with a catch of:

Andrea Lynn, with 29 passengers fishing at San Francisquito, La Vibora, Roca Bernabe, Cardonoza, Isla Salvatierra, and Refugio: 162 cabrilla, 253 yellowtail, 4 grouper to 50 pounds, 9 pargo, and 190 spotted bay bass and miscellaneous fish.

Erik, with charter master Don Farmer of Phoenix, Ariz., and 26 anglers fishing at Roca Bernabe, San Francisquito, Cardonoza, La Vibora, Refugio, and Isla Salvatierra: 149 cabrilla, 260 yellowtail, 2 grouper of about 70 and 90 pounds, 9 leatherback grouper, 12 pargo, and 182 spotted bay bass and miscellaneous fish.

SAN FELIPE, MEXICO: Tony Reyes Sr. of Tony Reyes Fishing Tours reported on a 6-day Midriff islands fishing trip by the panga mothership Jose Andres, returning to San Felipe on June 20, 2008, with a fish count taken by crew member Fili Espinoza Montez of: 106 yellowtail of 18 to 22 pounds, 2 grouper of 45 to 65 pounds, 1 white seabass of 35 pounds, 171 cabrilla of 12 to 18 pounds, 8 squid of 15 pounds, 46 red snapper of 10 to 16.5 pounds, 97 spotted bay bass, and 25 miscellaneous fish.

Weekly winners in the season-long Jose Andres fishing tournament were: cabrilla, 18 pounds, Craig Johnson, guide Ruben Orozco; yellowtail, 22.8 pounds, Tom Shielley, Paso Robles, Calif., guide Heriberto Romero; red snapper, 16.5 pounds, Dean Sheelly, Bakersfield, Calif., guide Ruben Orozco; and white seabass, 25 pounds, Joe Parker, La Verne, Calif., guide Antonio Sanchez.



ROCKY POINT, MEXICO: Art Pina of Tucson, Ariz., reported on a run by his boat Big Daddy to 55 miles south of Rocky Point into strong headwinds and a tough drift with no live bait, but with a good catch of: 5 gulf grouper, 2 leopard grouper, and 2 white seabass. "We left the Rocky Point marina at 5 a.m. and went to a little reef that sometimes has greenbacks but did not," Pina said. "The wind had picked up to about 15 m.p.h. from the south. We decided to go for that special reef I found about 55 miles south. When we arrived 2.5 hours later the wind had picked up with whitecaps everywhere. We were drifting at 4 m.p.h. and the current was pretty strong, but in the few seconds that we drifted over that rock, Cort had a good fish on, a large white seabass. On every drift was a fish, nothing very big but the right size for making a great meal. On the way home we had a following sea so it was not too bad." The Big Daddy fished about 130 to 160 feet deep, with the water temperature at 76 degrees.

ROCKY POINT, MEXICO: Pina also noted that the winning fish of the recent Rocky Point fishing tournament was a 175-pound black sea bass, not a 65-pound gulf grouper as had been previously reported. "The categories were black sea bass, gulf grouper, pinto bass, and leopard grouper," Pina said.



SAN CARLOS, MEXICO: Bryan Replogle of San Carlos-Guaymas reported on 3 outings, with very slow action the first 2 days, but a good count about 6 miles short of Isla Tortuga on the third day for a catch including released fish of: 4 dorado of 20 to 30 pounds, 1 dorado lost, 1 sailfish, and 1 marlin. "The second trip on a friend's boat saw the slowest day that I can remember with only one bite," Replogle said. "But it is looking like the bite is improving again. There is still lots of bait in the water."

SAN CARLOS, MEXICO: Larry Gibbons of Tucson, Ariz., reported on 5 outings during the week by the San Carlos boat No Le Hace with Capt. Juan Tirado for steady dorado action and a catch including released fish of: 1 dorado caught south of Isla Tortuga, lots of dorado of 15 to 35 pounds on weed lines between Isla Tortuga and Isla San Marcos, 6 more dorado between the islands, and 3 dorado to 40 pounds caught south of Isla San Pedro Nolasco. Also fishing aboard the No Le Hace were Ed Taczanowsky and Edward Taczanowsky.



MAZATLAN, MEXICO: Larry Edwards of Cortez Yacht Charters reported on 19 Aries Fleet offshore charter boats out of Mazatlan's Marina El Cid, with a catch including released fish of: 73 dorado of 12 to 20 pounds. Five inshore super pangas had a catch of: 16 dorado, 14 pargo, 55 mojarra, and 12 triggerfish. "It was another week of difficult fishing for Mazatlan," Edwards said. "For the first time since I've been reporting for the Mazatlan fishing area, no billfish were reported. The dorado are currently the focus for the offshore boats. The inshore super pangas have ventured off shore and have managed a few dorado for their anglers in addition to the regular inshore bottom fish." Mazatlan fishing area weather was partly cloudy in the low-90s, with calm seas and stable water temperatures at 84 degrees.

MAZATLAN, MEXICO: Tadeo Hernandez of Flota Bibi Fleet reported on an outing by the charter boat Mahi Dreamer with Capt. Tony and anglers Daniel Moreno and Emiliano Peña and their fathers for a catch along the coast about 10 miles north of: 38 triggerfish and 1 sierra mackerel.



IXTAPA ZIHUATANEJO, MEXICO: Ed Kunze, reporting for Baja On The Fly, said Ixtapa fishing was slowed by the full moon, even though overall conditions were good with clear blue water just a mile off the beach. "The Ixtapa Zihuatanejo sportfishing fleet is averaging about 1 sailfish per boat," Kunze said. "This will definitely pick up in the coming week." Fewer blue marlin were brought to the Zihuatanejo dock and no yellowfin tuna were reported. Roosterfish action inshore continued good as local boats scored 6 to 8 roosterfish per day plus lots of black skipjack, and a few sierra and jack crevalle.



CANCUN, MEXICO: Larry Edwards of Cortez Yacht Charters reported on 11 outings by the El Cid Caribe sportfishing fleet at Puerto Morelos near Cancun, with a catch including released fish of: 10 bonito, 7 giant barracuda, 6 king mackerel, 4 amberjack, 1 yellowtail snapper, 1 mutton snapper, 1 rubia, and 1 mero. "The Puerto Morelos fishing area continues to have a variety of mixed catches with most of the action just a few miles out of the harbor," Edwards said. Cancun fishing area weather was in the mid-90s, with scattered thunder showers, easterly winds of 5 to 20 knots, and the water temperature at 82 to 83 degrees.

Dorado caught near fishing nets at Loreto, Mexico. Dorado caught near fishing nets at Loreto, Mexico. 2

SNATCHED FROM THE NETS--Loreto Capt. Jose "Chanto" Fernandez, left, with a nice dorado of over 50 pounds, and Chanto with angler Riley Bendel and 2 more quality fish, all caught near a commercial net boat working about 18 miles north of Isla Carmen. One of the dorado was freed from a net after it ran into it during the fight, about a quarter-mile away from the commercial boat. PHOTOS COURTESY OF PAM BOLLES.

Commercial fishing boat at Loreto, Mexico.

WEED PADDY SHARK FISHING?--A commercial Mexican net boat wraps sportfishing-reserved dorado on weed paddies about 18 miles north of Isla Carmen on June 24, 2008, while fishing officially for "shark" under the protection of Mexico's Shark Norma 029. PHOTO COURTESY OF PAM BOLLES.

Fishing at Loreto, Mexico.

LORETO SUMMER DORADO--With the summer dorado season beginning at Loreto, Mike Pratt, left, and Ron Reeves, found this nice rack of dodos while fishing at Bajo de las Boyas north of Isla Carmen with Hotel Oasis' Capt. Jesus Osuna. PHOTO COURTESY OF PATTY ZAPATA.

Marlin caught at Loreto, Mexico.

LASSOED MARLIN--A Loreto striped marlin held by a bait hook fouled around the main line comes to the panga during a trip out of the Hotel Oasis by Ana Gloria Pellegrino with Capt. Martín Davis Castro. PHOTO COURTESY OF PATTY ZAPATA.

Panga fishing at Ensenada, Mexico.

SHOW ME THE BASS--Ensenada's Brian "Calico" Foley, right, fishes regularly with Vonny's Fleet's yellowtail guru, Capt. Beto Zamora, left, but usually prefers to target calico bass. This week, Beto put him and his swim bait on the big surface boil and Foley "accidentally" landed 4 yellowtail. He also scored his Mexican fish limit on bonita, barracuda, lingcod...and calico bass. PHOTO COURTESY OF IVAN VILLARINO.

Panga fishing at Ensenada, Mexico. 2

MEXICO FISH LIMITS--Joe Smith and Roger Smith of Rosarito, B.C., limited out on a nice mixed bag of rockcod, bonita, barracuda, and a 20-pound yellowtail at midweek, in panga fishing action at Ensenada with Capt. Hector, center, of Vonny's Fleet. They fished in calm, sunny conditions, with the water temperature at 60 degrees. PHOTO COURTESY OF IVAN VILLARINO.

Lingcod fishing at Puerto Santo Tomas, Mexico.

PUERTO SANTO TOMAS--Joe Lujan with a nice lingcod caught as part of full Mexico fishing limits caught with trip partner Joe Branco in good action at Puerto Santo Tomas south of Ensenada with local panga Capt. Willy. PHOTO COURTESY OF JOE BRANCO.

Fishing Captain Juan Cook at San Quintin, Mexico.

DON EDDIE'S LANDING--San Quintin's sportfishing Capt. Juan Cook of Don Eddie's Landing. PHOTO COURTESY OF MARITA MELVILLE.

Fishing at San Quintin, Mexico.

SAN QUINTIN SUMMER--With the official start of summer, yellowtail showed up at San Quintin's Isla San Martin last week. Capt. Juan Cook, left, of Don Eddie's Landing found a nice catch of 18 yellowtail during 4 days of fishing with anglers Denis Mantei, Stephen Mantei, and Gordon Janz. PHOTO COURTESY OF MARITA MELVILLE.

Yellowtail fishing at San Quintin, Mexico.

QUINTIN YELLOWTAIL OPENER--Capt. Kelly Catian of San Quintin's K&M Offshore Sportfishing found good yellowtail action at Isla San Martin last week, including this run with anglers Sid Ochoa, Eddie Chagolla, and Dave Wilkerson. PHOTO COURTESY OF KELLY CATIAN.

Yellowtail fishing at Isla Cedros, Mexico.

CEDROS ISLAND TRIP--Dave Claborn fished several days around Isla Cedros aboard Mike Borden's boat Fish Magnet for plenty of quality yellowtail landed and plenty more lost to sea lions in action outwards to Isla San Benito. Also fishing aboard the Fish Magnet were Borden and Tim Reese of Yuma. "Tim and Dave definitely out fished me this trip," Borden said. "A great time was had by all!" PHOTO COURTESY OF MIKE BORDEN.

Baja Bed & Breakfast at Bahia Asuncion, Mexico.

New town mayor at Bahia Asuncion, Mexico.

BED & BREAKFAST WORK--Capt. Juan Arce of Baja Bed & Breakfast busy installing the hotel's new hot tub in a prime view spot overlooking Baja's Pacific waters at Bahia Asuncion. Below, Bahia Asuncion's new mayor is sworn in at a ceremony in the village. PHOTOS COURTESY OF SHARI BONDY.

Mexico fishing by Pedro Sors and Julio Meza.

Mexico fishing by Pedro Sors and Julio Meza. 2

BAJA CROSSINGS--Julio Meza, top right, and Mexican sportfishing television program host Pedro Sors of Caña y Carrete fished both the Pacific and Sea of Cortez sides of Baja aboard Meza's trailer boat for good yellowtail and bottom fish action including this nice gulf grouper at Bahia de los Angeles, and below, a quality San Quintin halibut. PHOTOS COURTESY OF JULIO MEZA.

Gulf grouper caught in fishing at Magdalena Bay, Mexico.

Fishing lodge at Magdalena Bay, Mexico.

Fishing lodge at Magdalena Bay, Mexico. 2

MAGDALENA BAY GROUPER--Tom Anderson, of Escondido, Calif., and his group held their annual fishing tournament at Magdalena Bay's newly opened cabins and restaurant, the Whale's Tale Inn, on 30-mile long Isla Magdalena Island last week. They caught Mexico fishing limits of yellowfin tuna, plus grouper topped by this 43 pounder, 1 dorado, and halibut inside the bay with Mag Bay Outfitters of Puerto Lopez Mateos. PHOTOS COURTESY OF GARY GRAHAM.

Tuna fishing at Magdalena Bay, Mexico.

TUNA AT MAG BAY--Despite cool water temperatures of 60 to 66 degrees, yellowfin tuna turned up off Magdalena Bay in wide-open action for anglers in Charlie Anderson's group fishing out of Mag Bay Outfitters at Puerto Lopez Mateos. The bite was found just off Isla Magdalena. PHOTO COURTESY OF DARYL KIND & DIANA HOYT.

Pargo fishing at Los Cabos, Mexico.

LA SALINA DOGTOOTH--Patrick Walsh of Venice, Calif., landed this 40-pound class dog snapper, or dogtooth snapper, while trolling a live mullet bait over the La Salina shipwreck near San Jose del Cabo with Gordo Banks Pangas' Capt. Tony Miranda on the 26-foot super panga Hooker. PHOTO COURTESY OF ERIC BRICTSON.

Roosterfish fishing at San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.

ROOSTER RUMBLE--Light tackle roosterfish put up good numbers for inshore anglers at Los Cabos last week as Danny Verrier fished just north of the San Jose del Cabo marina with trip partner John Migeot and Capt. Ramon of Punta Palmilla's Francisco's Fleet. PHOTO COURTESY OF JOHN MIGEOT.

Mahi mahi fishing at Los Cabos, Mexico.

KIWIS IN BAJA--New Zealanders Andy and Vanessa Davies with a real nice Baja dorado caught with Capt. Marcelino Castillo of Gordo Banks Pangas at San Jose del Cabo. The banquet-sized dodo hit a trolled bolito bait at the San Luis Bank. PHOTO COURTESY OF ERIC BRICTSON.

Kawa kawa tuna caught at East Cape, Mexico.

KAWAKAWA "WHITE BONITO"--Gary Graham of Baja On The Fly, reported this kawakawa tuna, also called "white bonito" locally, caught at East Cape in May. The tuna, uncommon in Baja, hit a Rapala for angler Noah Rowles of Los Angeles, Calif. Said Graham of the kawakawa tuna, which has characteristic well-defined teeth and a white coloration inside its mouth, "These have vertical stripes or bands, along with vertical lines on the back. It has white meat and is popular with the locals. Dubbed 'white bonito,' it also sashimis well." PHOTO COURTESY OF GARY GRAHAM.

Roosterfish fishing at East Cape, Mexico.

Dorado or mahi mahi caught at East Cape, Mexico.

EAST CAPE INSHORE FISHING--Bridget Irwin with a nice light tackle roosterfish caught near shore while fishing with Mike Nelson's group aboard the Hotel Palmas de Cortez cruiser Tio Tico. Below, looking something like a Hollywood space alien, a dorado showing dark blue colors comes in to the Tio Tico. PHOTOS COURTESY OF MIKE NELSON.

Whale shark at Cabo Pulmo, Mexico.

HELLO SHARKY--Mark Rayor, left, blowing bubbles, gets up close with a whale shark during an East Cape diving trip by his company Vista Sea Sport. The scene was recorded by well-known nature photographer Bill Boyce. "Bill was here a few weeks ago when this magnificent animal slowly cruised up and posed for photos while we were on a dive at Cabo Pulmo," Rayor said. PHOTO COURTESY OF BILL BOYCE.

Fishing at Buena Vista Beach Resort, Mexico.

FAMILY FISHING TRIP--The Mathews family from Gardenville, Nev., including Kyle, Steven, and Cindy Mathews, fished at East Cape aboard the Buena Vista Beach Resort charter boat Dusty B II with Capt. Jesus Cota and first mate Sadoc Agundez, for good results on 3 quality dorado and a schoolie yellowfin tuna. PHOTO COURTESY OF ANA LIZETH VELAZQUEZ.

Fishing at East Cape, Mexico.

EAST CAPE FISHING--Anglers, from left, Mark, Denny, and Mike Redman with a nice East Cape dorado caught off the Punta Arena lighthouse aboard Werner Hradecky's boat Bad Company. The day also produced a marlin lost, a jack crevalle, and good action on small roosterfish near the lighthouse. PHOTO COURTESY OF MIKE REDMAN.

Wahoo fishing at La Paz, Mexico.

Wahoo fishing at La Paz, Mexico. 2

NICE LA PAZ WAHOO--Crissy Teichman of Huntington Beach, Calif., whipped this trophy-sized wahoo during panga fishing at the south end of La Paz' Isla Cerralvo with Tortuga Sportfishing. PHOTO COURTESY OF GERARDO HERNANDEZ.

Roosterfish caught at La Paz, Mexico.

ROOSTER MIXER--Pangas fishing the south side of La Paz last week found steady action for dog snapper and mullet snapper, plus roosterfish including some biggies like this 46 pounder landed by Makani Fisher, right, with Tailhunter International's Capt. Victor Geraldo in action at Punta Perico. PHOTO COURTESY OF JONATHAN ROLDAN.

Snapper fishing at La Paz, Mexico.

Jumping mobula manta rays at La Paz, Mexico.

SOUTH SIDE PARGO--Capt. Lalo of La Paz' Fisherman's Fleet with a nice pargo typical of recent catches by pangas fishing the Las Arenas side south of the city. Below, a soaring frigate bird keeps a watchful eye on a school of mobula manta rays exploding out of the water 20 or 30 at a time for hours on end during Jaime Lawson's trip to La Paz. PHOTOS COURTESY OF JAMIE LAWSON.

Yellowtail fishing at Santa Rosalia, Mexico.

LONESOME FORKIE--Jeff Vogel of Punta Chivato with a real nice yellowtail landed in slow action at the bajos north of Isla San Marcos with Mike Kanzler. It was the only fish of the day. PHOTO COURTESY OF MIKE KANZLER.

Yellowtail fishing at Bahia de los Angeles, Mexico.

L.A. BAY YELLOWTAIL--Good yellowtail counts were scored by Marcos Cornejo of San Diego, Calif., during 2 days of Bahia de los Angeles fishing out of Daggett's Camp, locally at Isla Piojo and outside the bay at Isla Angel de la Guarda. PHOTO COURTESY OF RUBEN DAGGETT.

Fishing at Bahia de los Angeles, Mexico.

MIDRIFF SHARK FIGHT--Blas Zambrano and his wife Sandra fished at Bahia de los Angeles with Capt. Ruben Daggett of Daggett's camp for good results on yellowtail plus a tough fight with a very big mako shark that hit a bass bait east of Isla Cabeza de Caballo. "This large shark will be an experience that my wife and I will never forget," Zambrano said, "thanks to the great company and service of Capt. Daggett." PHOTO COURTESY OF BLAS ZAMBRANO.

Rocky Point fishing, Mexico.

WINDY ROCKY FISHING--Art Pina, left, punched his boat Big Daddy south through 55 miles of headwinds for a good catch of 2 white seabass, 2 leopard grouper, and 5 gulf grouper, with anglers Cort Monroe, center, and Dan Evans. PHOTO COURTESY OF ART PINA.

Dorado fishing at San Carlos, Mexico.

OUT OF SONORA--The San Carlos, Sonora, boat No Le Hace found steady dorado fishing during several runs with Capt. Juan Tirado out to Islas Tortuga, San Marcos, and San Pedro Nolasco last week including this nice bull shown off by anglers, from left, Ed Taczanowsky, Larry Gibbons, and Edward Taczanowsky. PHOTO COURTESY OF LARRY GIBBONS.

Fishing for triggerfish at Mazatlan, Mexico.

COCHI CATCHIN' KIDS--Daniel Moreno and Emiliano Peña scored a big haul of triggerfish, or cochis in Spanish, while fishing with their dads inshore at Mazatlan aboard the Flota Bibi Fleet charter boat Mahi Dreamer. PHOTO COURTESY OF TADEO HERNANDEZ.

Horse race at Bahia Asuncion, Mexico.

GIDDYAP!--Father's Day horse races were part of the Baja Pacific coast village's celebration as Shari Bondy of Baja Bed & Breakfast at Bahia Asuncion photographed the action. "We won $10 on this race which was won by a nose for sure!" Bondy said. PHOTO COURTESY OF SHARI BONDY.

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