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Sept. 13, 2006, Harry Beckous, Bahia de los Angeles, Baja, Mexico:

Three of us drove to Bahia de los Angeles over Labor Day weekend for three days of fishing. We fished all three days with Capt. Igor Galvan and stayed at Guillermos.

Friday was very hot at 115 degrees Fahrenheit. The winds at Bahia de los Angeles were calm and the water temperature was 84 degrees. We fished a high spot by Los Animas and found a school of White Sea Bass. We landed 13 of them between 12 and 25 pounds with a couple of Yellowtail and Cabrilla in the mix.

On Saturday, the storm was moving its way up the Sea of Cortez. The air temperature at Bahia de los Angeles was down to 100 degrees. The water temperature was 82 with the wind picking up to about 15 knots. We fished south again and had a banner day. We boated White Sea Bass, yellowtail, Sheephead, and Cabrilla on another high spot. We were fortunate enough, while drifting the hole to spot a Dorado cruising by. My friend and guide Igor Galvan quickly baited a live Mackerel and my friend Pat Kibler boated a nice 24 pound bull. We then decided to try for my dream of catching a 250 plus pound Mako Shark.

We rigged our steel leaders and begin to drag the cow blood I had brought down. We fished dead Barracuda suspended with a balloon. After about 40 minutes something hit one of the 'cuda baits but quickly released it. I noticed it was a big Dodo. Again we rigged the live Mackerel and I tossed it just to the side of the cruising Dorado. It was sure exciting to watch him turn and slam the bait. After many jumps and a nice drag screaming fight we boated a nice 40 pound bull. This would have topped off a great day at the bay. However we were not finished yet. As we still had 2 gallons of blood left, we continued our drift.

It was no more than 15 minutes before a nice Hammerhead hit my Barracuda. It put up a moderate fight. Considering I was rigged for a big Mako it didn't have much of a chance. Shortly after that my friend Ron who was fly lining a Mackerel hoping for a Dorado hooked another Hammerhead. It must have taking a close look at his lunch because it hooked him in the eye, fortunate for Ron as he was fishing with 30 pound monofilament.

Needless to say it was an unforgettable day of fishing at Bahia de los Angeles.

By Saturday night the storm had reached us. There were heavy winds, torrential rain, and major lightning and thunder. Much to our delight, by daybreak there was a window of dry, calm weather, so off we went to try for some Yellows on the back side of Smith Island.

With another finger of the storm approaching, we only fished for 4 hours but caught 10 Yellowtail between 12 and 20 pounds, with 2 big ones that broke off on 40 pound test. Needless to say it was a incredibly fun weekend at Bahia de los Angeles. I am looking forward to going back at the end of October still in search of the big Mako. I might have to try for a big Grouper also.

Our total catch was 15 white seabass, 16 Yellowtail, 2 Dorado, 2 Hammerhead Sharks, 4 Whitefish, 3 Sheepshead, and 3 Barracuda.

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