Bahia de los Angeles, Mexico



Aug. 27, 2006, Steve Barstow, Bahia de los Angeles, Baja, Mexico:

We had a group of 17 people on our Bahia de los Angeles trip, Aug. 19-23, 2006.

We stayed at the Las Hamacas motel right on the main drag in Bahia de los Angeles.

We fished on Sammy Diaz' boats for 3 days. All the boats headed approx 25 to 30 miles north.

Almost all of our fish were caught within 3/4 miles from shore, by slow trolling live mackerel.

The first day jackpot in our group was a 23 pound Dorado caught by Stacey Meacham.

On day 2, the jackpot was won by Pat Burriel with a 17 pound dorado.

The last day's jackpot was won by Mike Price with a 16 pound Dorado. All the dorado were caught on the slow trolled live mackerel.

All together, our catch for the three days were 50 to 60 Dorado ranging from 12 to 23 pounds, 6 Leopard Grouper to 10 pounds, 3 small Yellowtail and lots of Lingcod and triggerfish.

Our fishing routine was to get on the water at daybreak and make bait using either Lucky Joes or Sabikis, then head north. The fishing gear that seems best now is light to medium action sticks, Jigmaster or equivalent reel, up to 4/0 reels, with 20 to 40 pound line. Big fish hooks, 8/0 or 9/0 size, were what we used.

All in all, everyone had a great time on this Bahia de los Angeles fishing trip.

Our banquet was a barbecue on the beach in front of Casa Diaz. Sammy had two ladies take care of everything from setup to cleanup. They cooked steaks and tri tip beef that we brought, plus fish that we caught. Add to that rice, beans, and a salad they supplied and we had quite a dinner.

We are doing a September and an October trip to San Quintin. Details at

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