Cabo San Lucas, Mexico



May 30-June 5, 2005, George Landrum, Fly Hooker Sportfishing, Cabo San Lucas, Baja fishing, Mexico:

Wind, wind and more wind pretty much summed it up for Cabo San Lucas this week. Every day the wind blew from the NNW to the SSW at between 10 and 20 knots.

On the Pacific side of Cabo San Lucas this week we had very cold water, as cold as 58 degrees right along the shore. Out around the Golden Gate and San Jaime Banks the water warmed to 67 degrees. Due south of the cape the water was cold at 66 degrees until 14 miles out then it warmed to 68 degrees. On the Cortez side of the cape we had a band of warmer 72 to 76 degree water along the shore up to the Punta Gorda area, and this band extended from just along the beach here in Cabo to across the outer Gorda Banks and the Punta Gorda region. Outside the band of warmer water the temps dropped to 64-65 degrees and went out at least 20 miles. There was no really well defined temperature break in the Cabo San Lucas vacation area, as the wind and currents moved the water around, blending the temperatures and the colors. We had strongly colored green water to the south and on the Pacific side.

Back was Mackerel at the usual $2 per bait and there were some Sardinas early in the week at San Jose for $20 a bucket.

The bite for Striped Marlin has died off since the water cooled off so much in the Cabo San Lucas sportfishing area. The few fish that were caught this week were mostly from the warm water areas up around Punta Gorda. There were Swordfish found again this week and I did hear of a private boat that got two of them on Friday.

Scattered football size Yellowfin tuna to 15 pounds and a few fish in the 25-30 pound class were pretty much it for Cabo San Lucas charter fishing boats this week. The fish were not concentrated in any one particular area and a lot of them were caught while trolling in the blind.

I think I saw a total of 10 Dorado flags at Cabo San Lucas this week, and that should say it all. Wait for warmer water.

Rough water on the Pacific side of Cabo San Lucas made most of the inshore fishing boats concentrate on the area from the lighthouse and around to the arch, plus along the beach on the Cortez side of the Cape. There were still Sierra being caught and some of them were very nice sized, from 6-10 pounds. One positive note was that the cold water brought the Yellowtail with it. The bite turned on fairly well in the middle of the week with fish being found from the lighthouse to Gray Rock. The only bright spot this week was the inshore fishery with Yellowtail and Snapper taking the spotlight.

It sure is strange to have April fishing conditions at the beginning of June!