Baja California, Mexico



June 6, 2005, Jeff Williams, Baja beach fishing report, Baja California, Mexico:

I went to the beach south of Erendira to watch the Baja 500, relax, and fish. We had a great time catch-and-releasing 1-3 pound Barred Surf Perch on sand crabs. The large-ish surf crashing on the rocks made for some delicate footwork at times.

The camp spot is a place we call the Volcano, actually the lava plug from an ancient cinder cone. It is about 3 miles south of Erendira, N31.12.965, W116.21.048.

We fish right out in front of camp. There are fingers of lava that run out into the ocean, most of which are completely awash. Some of them have from 4 feet width of sand to 40 yards of sand. At mid to low tide we get sand crabs on these little patches of sand.

The fishing rig is a #2-#4 J hook Carolina, rigged with 1/4-3/8 ounces of weight. Hook size depends on bait size and weight depends on waves. This past weekend it was #2 hook and 3/8 ounces of weight. Large sand crabs and large waves. I was using a G Loomis Escape 7-foot (ETR84-3MLS-10), 3 piece medium light rod, and a Shimano AX4000 loaded with 8# P-Line CXX clear.

The trick is to find a safe place on the rocks to cast into water over the sand. Not easy this particular time. Other trips it is easier. We have also had trips that it was impossible to safely fish at any tide. The waves were just too big. This trip was low to mid tide--a nice push all afternoon for us.

Casting into areas where the water seemed to average 2 feet deep between sets resulted in a hookup every other cast or so. Landing the little suckers was a 50/50 proposition at best, but the hookup ratio was such that you were entertained full time.

Driving time, for those so inclined is about 4 hours from the border, including a stop in Ensenada for supplies (Pacifico and ice). We were towing small tent trailers, so if one was running light it could be done faster.