Baja California, Mexico



Jan. 7, 2005, Les Heil, Laguna la Bocana, Baja fishing report, Mexico:

At Laguna la Bocana, there is not much fishing. I spent a week over Christmas holidays in Laguna La Bocana, Baja California, arriving on Sunday, Dec. 26th, and I lunched the boat on Monday, Dec. 2nd.

Other American boats arrived on Monday as well, so the fishing was on for Tuesday, but after getting out it was choppy with a south wind and the live bait didn't happen. I just caught some Smelt. So I decided to go in and relax.

The other two fishing boats stayed out all day even though the fishing was slow at La Bocana.

On Wednesday, La Bocana was cloudy and looked like rain, so I stayed on shore. The others went fishing with some success even through rain showers.

Thursday looked really nice, and it was, but once again the fish didn't cooperate. We had plenty of mackerel and Bigeye bait, but this time the water was green at Roca Ballena, so we traveled further south to Gringa Banks for few a yellowtail.

Domingo had the largest yellowtail, over 30 pounds. Juanchi and Domingo were my skippers.

On Friday the two fishing boats decided to go back north. I stayed so I could celebrate New Year's Eve at the town hall. I left the dance hall at 3 a.m. and it was still in full swing. New Year's Day every La Bocana family was celebrating with barbecues, pork, carne asada and tamales was the order of the day; I stopped at four different invitations for a small snack at each.

Came back on Sunday, for an easy 12-hour run including a stop at the Otay Mesa boarder for one hour. My boat is still in La Bocana for a whale watching trip next month at the San Ignacio Lagoon.