San Quintin, Mexico:
Steady Action For Mixed Fish Species And Humboldt Squid

April 9, 2005, Sarai Garcia, Don Eddie's Landing, San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico:

Jeff Becica and his family from Huntington Beach, Calif., stayed at Don Eddie's Landing for a week, enjoying fishing at San Quintin in their new boat, a 27-foot Ajax diesel. They fished every day of the week, in good and in rough weather. They caught lingcods up to 17 pounds, red rockcods up to 6.5 pounds, whitefish, sheephead, and also many Humboldt squid at our San Quintin fishing spots. This tough group, from grandparents to the young ones, never stopped fishing regardless of the weather. They fished the San Quintin 240 and 180 spots, and also at San Martin Island. Fishing water temperatures at San Quintin are 58 to 61 degrees.