San Quintin, Mexico:
Bonito And Barracuda Heavy Fishing For Paco Pinones' Boat Mariandrea

Jan. 25, 2005, Julio Meza, San Quintin, San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico:

I went fishing at San Quintin this Sunday on board the Mariandrea, a Striper 2101 owned by Paco Pinones. We were fishing for white seabass south of San Quintin, but the bonito and barracuda did not give us any chance at the croakers. But we found hot calico bass action, on fish up to 7 pounds. For almost one hour they bit. It was excellent. After that, we landed 2 yellowtails, 15 and 17 pounds. There were lots of seals on the yellowtail grounds, making it almost impossible to fish for them. The sea surface temperature was 61 degrees, and it was a clear, beautiful, warm day.

We were fishing out of Arroyo Hondo, 10 miles south of the San Quintin Boca on heading 120 degrees, in 85 feet of water, about a mile from shore. The calico bass began biting on the bottom but they came almost to the surface following the hooked fish. We used Fish Traps.

There are lots and lots of whales on the water and brants in San Quintin Bay.