San Quintin, Mexico



July 10, 2004, Capt. Kelly Catian, El Captain Sportfishing, San Quintin, Baja California, Mexico sportfishing:

The season started with a boom in July with Big yellows at the 240 spot and at San Martin.

On july 2nd I had Roger and Lonnie Nestie and their friends Monte and Jane. We went out to the 240 and got into some of the best yellowtail action i,ve seen!!! We were making drifts with live bait and slow trolling around the rock. The fish were brutal,easily busting 40 and 50lbs test. We made good use of the two speeds that day as tired anglers dropped into low gear to grind the big slugs out off the reef!!! We had limits for 4 persons by 12:00 noon and they were all good sized fish the bigger ones in the 30,s!!!

On the 3rd and 4th was the Don Eddies tournament and i had Monte Kotur and his girlfriend Lisa Castanola,(both fishing in tournament) We put the boats in the water the night before so we could get the jump on the rest of the fleet!!! It paid off. We had wide open yellowtail taking huge macks right off the stern and exploding on slow trolled baits!!! We used mostly 50 to 60 lbs gear and two speed reels to stop the big slugs from busting us off on the rocks.

Also out was my buddies Chris Pierce and Austin Mcafee on Chris's Boat (they were following me out for the tournament. Chris and Austin also got into the big fish and got their limits.

There were 25 or so entries in the tournament..................Monte and Lisa on my boat got 1st and second place with Lisa taking 1st with a 27.2 lbs yellowtail and Monte got 2nd with a 26.5 lbs yellow!!!!!! 3rd place went to My buddy Austin who fished with Chris Pierce on Chris's boat........Viva los Bomberos!!!!!

On tue th 6th I had 2 boats out for three days with Marshall Fleck and group. Again we were getting slammed by the big toads and ended up with 25 fish for 5 anglers by noon.

Capt. Oscar did well also with 14 fish on board for day one.

Day two was pretty much the same every one was on!!!!

Day 3 we were tired we halfheartedly tried bottom fishing and Oscar called to tell us that the yellows were biting good again but we,d had enough.

ThingS were alot slower on the 9th , We had Bill Dow and group 5 boats total out at the rock but the current was ripping and it was really crowded. We picked up one nice fish there and headed for San Martin. We did a little better there using rapalas on the troll. I finally got a day off today and Oscar and Bear Jr. have my boats out right now with the Dow group.

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