Striped Corvina
Corvina Rayada
(Cynoscion reticulates)

Striped Corvina, Cynoscion reticulates: The Striped Corvina has an elongated compressed body with an oval cross-section. It is generally silver with brownish wavy streaks on the back and sides. There is a pale band along the lateral line.

The Striped Corvina has a large oblique mouth with no barbells on the chin. The dorsal fin has a long base with a deep notch.

Keys to identification of the Striped Corvina include the pectoral fins reaching beyond the tips of the depressed pelvic fins, a straight caudal fin and scales being present on the body but absent on the head. The base of the pectoral fin is dark, the dorsal and pectoral are dusky, and all other fins are yellowish.

The Striped Corvina reaches a maximum length of 90 cm and is found in shallow coastal waters, including estuaries, up to 300 feet deep in the water column.

The Striped Corvina is a difficult species to identify as it is quite similar to several other of the croakers, but none of them have straight tail and striping present.

Distribution in Mexico fishing areas

The Striped Corvina is only found in waters of the Pacific Ocean and ranges in Mexican fishing waters from Magdalena Bay south along the coast of the Baja peninsula, throughout the Sea of Cortez, and along the coast of the Mexican mainland south to Guatemala.

The Striped Corvina is a member of the Sciaenidae family which includes the croakers or drums which are known in Mexico fishing areas as corvina and berrugates.

 Striped Corvina picture 1

 Striped Corvina picture 2

Striped Corvina, Cynoscion reticulates: Caught during fishing in the surf zone, La Playita, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, in April 2008, water temperature 74-degrees, early morning in 5 to 10-foot deep water, utilizing a cast net by panguero bait salesmen. Size, 42 cm. Identification courtesy of Dr. Ross Robertson, Smithsonian Institute, Panama, and reconfirmed by H.J. Walker, Jr., Scripps Institute of Oceanography, La Jolla, Calif. Photos courtesy of John Snow.

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