Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish, Rough Triggerfish
(Canthidermis maculata)

Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish, Canthidermis maculata: The Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish is characterized by its shape, black and blue body covered by small white spots, and very long dorsal and anal fins.

It is normally found far out at sea and only observed around floating debris such as logs. Due to its rarity not much is known about its feeding habits.

The Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish cannot be easily confused with any other species due to its body coloration.

The Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish reaches a length of approximately 20 inches and up to 5 pounds. It is found in the first 300 feet of the water column.

The Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish is a member of a group of bizarre looking fish of the Balistidae or Triggerfish Family.

Distribution in Mexico fishing areas

In Mexican fishing waters , the Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish is found in all waters south of Acapulco and around all the oceanic islands.

The collection described below was made at 23.0N 109.5W and viewed as “rare” to the Los Cabos area of Baja California, having been made shortly after two massive hurricanes visited the area.

Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish Photo 1

Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish, Canthidermis maculata: “Caught” while fishing with Captain Pata in the panga Salome, La Playita, San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur., Mexico, midmorning in October 2003, in 85-degree water, utilizing a large hoop net about 10 miles at sea and about 20 miles north of La Playita. Size approximately 10 inches and 1 pound. Found in a massive school mixed about 50:50 with Pacific Tripletails under a floating tree. The fish were brought to the surface and became “balled up” in a group of about 500, fighting over chummed sardines. Description and photo courtesy John Snow. Fish identification courtesy of Dr. Ross Robertson, Smithsonian Institute, Panama.

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