Sea Chub, Nibbler, and Halfmoon Family

Sea Chubs, Nibblers, and Halfmoons, (Kyphosidae): The Kyphosidae Family which is made up of sea chubs, nibblers, and halfmoons, are compressed, oval shaped, omnivorous fishes with small teeth.

They feed on benthic algae, plankton and small invertebrates. Seven species are known in Mexico's Sea of Cortez from three subfamilies.

The members of the Kyphosidae Family found in Mexican fishing waters and represented in the fish identification section of this website include:

Bluestripe Chub, Sectator ocyurus.
California Opaleye, Girella nigricans.
Cortez Chub, Kyphosus elegans.
Gulf Opaleye, Girella simpllicidens.
Striped Sea Chub or Blue Bronze Sea Chub, Kyphosus analogus.




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