Pink Surf Perch, Pink Sea Perch
Mojarra Rosada
(Zalembius rosaceus)

Pink Surf Perch, Zalembius rosaceus: The Pink Surf Perch has an overall rose-pink coloration with a pair of distinguishing black spots on the back below the rear half of the dorsal fin.

They have a deep oval body (39 -41 percent of length), with a very small head with convex upper and lower profiles with very large eyes, a pointed snout and a small mouth at the front.

The middle spines of the dorsal fin are longer than the soft rays. The anal fin is S-shaped, and, they have a forked tail.

The Pink Surf Perch can be found between 30 and 700 feet deep in the water column.

Distribution in Mexico fishing areas

In Mexican fishing waters , they range from the California border to Guerrero Negro along the Pacific side of Baja and, with the exception of the extreme northern portion, in the northern half of the Sea of Cortez. They reach a maximum length of 8 inches.

This fish species is a member of the Embiotocidae Family, which includes 24 individual Surf Perches from 13 Genera that are known in Mexico as mojarras vivíparos. They are perciform fish (fined and rayed) and have a continuous single dorsal fin with spinous and soft-ray portions. The anal fins have three spines, the caudal fins are forked and the lateral line is evident. Most are brightly colored. They reach a maximum length of 18 inches.

The Surf Perches are limited to the coastal waters of the North Pacific. Reproduction is viviparous whereby the embryos are nourished directly by the mother as well as by the yolk. Litter sizes can be up to 40 but are normally three to ten with adult-like babies being born. They reside in schools or lose aggregates feeding primarily on invertebrates. There is a small commercial interest in Surf Perches.

Pink Surf Perch fish picture

Pink Surf Perch fish picture

Pink Surf Perch, Zalembius rosaceus:  An exceedingly rare catch made while fishing in the channel between Isla Danzante and Punta Coyote, near Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico, in October 2007, in 525 foot deep water. Size approximately 6 inches. Photo courtesy of Dr. Brad Erisman, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, La Jolla, Calif. Description courtesy of John Snow.

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