Jack Family

Jack Family, (Carangidae): The Jacks are members of the Carangidae Family which are known in Mexico fishing areas as "Jureles and Pámpanos." The Jacks are generally silver in color and are found in all tropical and subtropical seas. They are powerful mid-water swimmers, that are characterized by their streamlined, aerodynamic shape, with a latterly compressed body, slender tail base and deeply forked caudal fin.

They have posterior scales of the lateral line are modified into spiny, plate-like structures known as scutes. They are voracious predators feeding primarily on small fishes. They frequently travel in large schools and roam considerable distances, normally following schools of smaller bait fish. They exhibit a wide range in size from about 10 inches and 1 pound, to 6 feet and 90 pounds.

Jacks spawn pelagically, releasing large numbers of tiny buoyant eggs that travel the globe, carried by currents. Most Jacks are esteemed as food fishes and are targeted by both commercial and sport fishermen. Jacks are found over rocky structure, along the edge of reefs and adjacent to large “drop-offs.” Globally there are 152 known Jacks of which 34 are residents of the Mexican fishing waters of the Pacific.

Members of the Jack Family found in Mexico fishing waters and represented in the fish identification section of this website include:

African Pompano, Alectis ciliaris.
Amberjack, Pacific Amberjack, Almaco Jack, Seriola rivoliana.
Amberstripe Scad, Decapterus muroadsi.
Bigeye Jack, Bigeye Trevally, or Bigeye Crevalle Jack, Caranx sexfasciatus.
Blackblotch Pompano or Silver Pompano, Trachinotus kennedyi.
Bluefin Trevally, Caranx melampygus.
Caballito, Goggle Eye, or Bigeye Scad, Selar crumenophthalmus.
Chihuil, Pacific Jack Mackerel or California Horse Mackerel, Trachurus symmetricus.
Cocinero Jack, Caranx vinctus.
Crevalle Jack, Caranx hippos.
Florida Pompano, Trachinotus carolinus.
Fortune Jack, Peruvian Jack or Darkfin Jack, Seriola peruana.
Gafftopsail Pompano, Trachinotus rhodopusi.
Golden Jack, Golden Trevally or Palometa Amarilla, Gnathanodon speciosus.
Green Jack, Caranx caballus.
Island Jack or Island Trevally, Caranx orthogrammus.
Leatherjack, Oligoplites saurus.
Longjaw Leatherjack or Bigjaw Leatherjack, Oligoplites altus.
Mackerel Scad, Decapterus macarellus.
Mexican Lookdown, Selene brevoortii.
Pacific Bumperfish, Chloroscombrus orqueta.
Pacific Jack Crevalle, Caranx caninus.
Pacific Moonfish, Selene peruviana.
Paloma Pompano, Trachinotus paitensis.
Pilot fish, Naucrates ductor.
Rainbow Runner, Elagatis bipinnulata.
Roosterfish, Nematistius pectoralis.
Shortfinned Butterfish or Salema Butterfish, Peprilus snyderi.
Shortfin Scad, Decapterus macrosoma.
Steel Pompano, Trachinotus stilbe.
Threadfin Jack or Thread Pompano, Caranx otrynter.
Whitemouth Jack, Uraspis helvola.
Yellowtail, California Yellowtail, Seriola dorsalis lalandi.

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