Cabo San Lucas, Mexico



June 2, 2005, Ty Miller, Bisbee's El Fuerte Sportfishing, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

We are up and fishing now at Cabo San Lucas. We are running a few months behind due to the late sheep season at Loreto, but we are now in full swing. Cabo San Lucas sure is different. I'm still trying to figure if Cabo is still in the Baja. The officials here sure had us running around for the new and improved Cabo boat fishing licenses, permits etc! Oh, what fun! Winds are "Smokin' Joe from Kokomo" down here in the Cabo San Lucas vacation area, which is making it a little hard to get outside to the fish.

I must say that Cabo San Lucas is a little bit different place than the sleepy little town of Loreto we left behind a few months ago.

The month of May here in Cabo has reminded me a lot of Loreto when the Northerly winds blow because it has been howling here pretty much the entire month. The good news is that the locals tell me that this is not normal and calm seas are just around the corner. It still is very fishable but don't even think about heading around to the Pacific side. It's pretty big out there right now. So most of the fleet boats are sliding downhill towards the Gorda areas where there are somewhat comfortable fishing conditions.

The yellowfin tuna have broke out into a very good snap in the Cabo San Lucas vacation area and can be found just about anywhere past the green into blue water from 12 to 20 miles out. Most of the fish are in the 20 to 25 pound class along with some very nice 50 pound plus Wahoo making an occasional visit on the trolled feathers we are using for the tuna. The striped marlin are also taking the drop back baits after a short run of lockjaw coming off the full moon.

One morning we headed out around the Cabo San Lucas arch to get outside for some tuna and about 200 yards of the point in an area about the size of a football field we saw yellowtail hammering the surface for a morning feed. To my amazement not one Cabo San Lucas fishing boat stopped to fish them and they looked like they were decent 20 pound fish. So I asked my captain hey, why is everyone blowing past this frother. He said most of the fleet does not bother with the yellowtail here out of Cabo, which really surprised me. We headed out and pulled on some tuna, then on the way back I just had to drop a piece of iron over that spot of yellows we saw earlier. So I did and on the second drop, bingo! A nice 25 pound class yellowtail came to the boat then we headed for the barn. For a second there I thought I was in Loreto!