Cabo San Lucas, Mexico



Sept. 9, 2004, Fred Clark, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico:

I recently took a little trip south to the tip of Baja on a little adventure, boy what any adventure. We arrived at Cabo San Lucas on Thursday 9/2/04 with a nice strong rain and wind special. (a tiny touch of hurricane) But let's fish.

My father Fred Clark Sr. had never had the luxury of reeling in a Marlin of any species so I felt it only appropriate to get the assistance of Richard Castaneda (cassman) of Cass Tours in booking my Cabo San Lucas fishing adventure and as always his daughter Rohna handled everything as requested.

We stayed at the Solmar Hotel and fished their fleet.

On Friday, they closed the harbor (no Fishing)

Saturday was very rough with high winds and strong wells in the 10-15 foot range all day long. But at approx 2 pm the wind subsided and water leveled of nicely. We only took One dorado (32lbs) this day.

Sunday am was very nice Cabo San Lucas weather. 6' seas and peaceful as at should be.

right out of the gate 15 minutes outside the harbor by Los Cabos we ran into a few propose with 30-40lb class tuna under them. after taking 5 in 30 minutes (how tuna can I eat) we headed southeast. All morning long we saw marlin tails but no takers on live, 2 sails also no takers.

But at 11:50 am we had a jig strike on a blue/silver/black med size aqua image and guess what guys. A quality Blue Marlin. Pop decided against the fight for health reasons so I stepped in with a great amount of pride. This Cabo San Lucas fish blasted out of the water for the first time approx 150 yds behind the boat and went nuts. He stripped a Penn Intl 80 wide almost to the core before we got the boat turned and the chase was on. 1 hr 45 later we had leader and unfortunately the blue had expired. The hook was clean on the lower jaw, but somewhere in the fight I got the line wrapped around its head must have suffocated this beautiful fish. Even with that said, I am very proud to have fought this Blue Marlin. This was my first Blue and It could nt have been any more meaning full to have my father with myself on this great day.

I fished on Solmar 4, the captain Pepe handled the boat perfectly keeping the fish right behind the boat as required we on big fish. I cannot say enough good things about the Solmar facility and it's people. This is why they will continue the great tradition and adventures for years to come.

Blue Marlin 340 lbs Caught 9/5/2004 1:45 PM.