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To submit fish species reports and photos or to contact us for any other reason...

MEXICO FISH SPECIES AND FISHERIES CONSERVATION REPORTS AND PHOTOS ARE REQUESTED: Your fish species reports in Spanish or English are requested for all Mexican coastal locations. All reports are credited to the sender. If you are a professional travel or sportfishing provider, your reports are also credited to your company.

REPORT HANDLING: All submissions are accepted on the condition that permission is granted for their use in this website. Reports may be edited for clarity, appropriateness, or length. Reports and photos may or may not be used, depending on suitability and space available.

REPORT AND PHOTO SELECTION: Many more reports and photos are received than can be published. Selection of reports and photos is prioritized by:

1. New or unusual fish species.

2. Seasonal changes and unusual catches or sea life sightings.

3. Fisheries regulation news, including violations, enforcement changes, etc.

4. Sportfishing boat and fish counts, weather, water temperatures, and sea conditions.

To be considered for publication, all photos must be accompanied by suitable caption information such as: location, date, boat name, full names of people shown, left-to-right, fish counts for the day, etc.

Special articles related to Mexican fisheries (See "Rainbow Trout Fishing in Mexico," by Ed Kunze), are also accepted for consideration. Special articles, including all photos submitted, should be free of copyright restrictions and not already be published on another website.

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